Linde Werdelin Releases Final Run of 3 Timer GMT with Sunset Collection

For more than two decades, Linde Werdelin has been manufacturing distinct timepieces under the catchphrase, “Luxury Watches For Adventurers”. The resumé of exotic locales their  watches have been to live up to that motto, with various explorers taking a Linde Werdelin deep into the Amazon jungle, to the top of Mount Everest and way below the ocean’s surface. Sure, other people have made it through those extreme environments with robust watches on their wrists, but I assure you they won’t look anything like what Linde Werdelin has to offer. They currently have three separate collections that round out their entire catalog – the sturdy Oktopus diver, the lightweight Spido high-altitude instrument and the 3 Timer GMT. Each time the brand has launched a new release, the collection has been individually numbered and produced in limited quantities … until today.

The 3 Timer has been a Linde Werdelin offering since they launched the model at Basel in 2009, and after 13 years of production, the brand will end the chapter of their GMT with the Sunset Collection. It’s also worth noting that the Sunset Collection marks the first time that the brand is offering a watch that won’t be limited in production nor numbered.


The steel case design is made up of sloping facets and jagged edges all connected by hard case lines. The case sharply bows out on each side and a view of the mid-case displays hollowed out portions akin to vents seen on a high performance car. A steel bidirectional 24 hour bezel sits atop the distinct case and is framed by a set of screws at the top and bottom of the case face (more on these later). Combining all of the case features together, the Linde Werdelin 3 Timer measures 44mm in width, 15mm in thickness, and 46mm lug to lug. Compact proportions given the larger width measurement.

A textured dial with a pattern emanating from the center is the backdrop for the dauphine handset and the GMT arrow hand. The Sunset Collection offers up four different dial color variations; Bright Yellow, Sunrise Orange, Sunset Pink, and Flame Red. Each model has color matching bezel accents and delivers on a color corresponding integrated rubber strap. The movement within is a familiar one used in some of the interesting GMT watches we’ve seen this past year. It’s the ETA 2893-2 and with it comes 42 hours of power reserve, 21 jewels and an independent GMT hand.

The set of screws I mentioned above are not just for show. The pair of socket screws at the top and bottom of the case are responsible for securing the integrated strap into the case. An argument can be made that this feature alone makes this watch more durable in more than average conditions. Usually we’re dependent on a set of tiny spring loaded bars to keep our watches attached to our wrists. It might be more of a task to individually unscrew each socket screw to change out the strap, but I’d be more confident in this system than the current traditional spring bar method, especially if it’s a pricier watch, being it’s the only line of defense between your wrist and the floor.

Linde Werdelin offers up a slew of integrated rubber strap and bracelet options. If I had my pick of the litter, money no option, I’m going with the Sunrise Orange reference and pairing it with their midnight calfskin textured strap. Now I said ,“money no option” because we are after all talking about a “luxury watch”. Each of the 3 Timers in the Sunset Collection retails for $6,562 and delivers on an integrated rubber strap. If you fancy some of the other straps or bracelets to use within their proprietary strap changing system, you’re looking at $515 for their rubber straps, $555 for their textured calfskin straps, and $859 for their integrated steel bracelet. Linde Werdelin

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