On-Wrist Reaction: Coffee Timers, True GMTs, & A Wandering …Balance?

In this episode of On-Wrist Reaction, Blake and Thomas take a look at three distinct watches that span a broad range of features (and prices). We’ve got a new chronograph from fan favorite Brew in the mix, a watch that helps us track whatever we happen to be brewing in the morning with a helpful cheat sheet on the caseback. There’s also a new GMT from Texas based Jack Mason in the mix, which we’ll have more to talk about soon. Finally, there’s something a bit unexpected from Ulysse Nardin called the Freak X.

We’ll have a tech deep dive coming soon on the Ulysse Nardin, which features plenty of horological innovations under (on top of?) the hood so be sure to leave any questions about that watch in the comments. We’ll be sitting with a watchmaker to discuss just how all these innovations come together here. 

What’s your takeaway from this lot? Let us know in the comments and keep an eye out for more On-Wrist Reaction videos coming soon. If you’ve got a suggestion or would like to see us react to your watch or piece of EDC gear, shoot us an email at [email protected].

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