Louis Erard and seconde/seconde/ Release a Terrifying Limited Edition that’s Perfect for the Season

Well, it’s Halloween, and we couldn’t let the day pass without posting a fun watch that celebrates the season. Everyone approaches Halloween a little differently. For some, it’s all about dressing up in elaborate costumes. For others, it’s an excuse to watch horror movies on an endless loop for a month, if not more. And then there’s the candy, of course. Who among us doesn’t have a fond childhood memory of gorging themselves in mini Snickers bars for weeks after a night of trick-or-treating? For Louis Erard, they’ve unsurprisingly approached the holiday with a sense of humor that is typical for the brand and their collaborative partner, seconde/seconde/. As they did in their prior collaboration, the two brands have worked together here to create a visual pun, which is seconde/seconde/’s stock in trade. The result is a version of Louis Erard’s Petite Seconde three-hander that’s delightfully niche, clever, and perhaps a little horrific (in a fun way). 


The Petite Seconde Louis Horror x seconde/seconde/ (just Louis Horror from here on out, thank you very much) takes advantage of seconde/seconde/’s signature hand swapping principle to great seasonal effect. Where you’d normally find a small seconds hand in the subsidiary dial at 6:00, we instead get a small pixelated ghost. Why a ghost? Louis Erard wants you to know that they considered a skeleton, but found the connection to common watch terminology too obvious. Hard to believe that seconde/seconde/ could reject a pun in this manner, but there you go. Everyone has limits. 

A skeleton might have been overkill, though, given the branding on the dial. It’s frankly perfect in the way it conjures, to me, the spines of VHS cassette tapes found in the horror section of the rental stores of my youth. Rather than the standard “Louis Erard” wordmark, we get “Louis Horror,” with the operative word in red text that appears as dripping blood. Now, could I imagine wearing this on any day but Halloween? No, I could not. But it might just be the perfect one-day-a-year watch. 

If you do decide to sport it on less obvious and spooky occasions, you might be glad to know that the case comes in the smaller 39mm case that Louis Erard seems to be using more frequently now in comparison to the big 42mm cases their limited editions have appeared in for some time. The hands are in the same “fir tree” shape that has come to be a Louis Erard signature, and the movement is a solid Swiss made Sellita SW261-1 with 38 hours of power reserve. 

Like other Louis Erard limited editions, the Louis Horror will be made in a run of just 178 pieces. It’s available today at a retail price of CHF 1,975. Louis Erard

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