Micro-Brand Digest: Titanium Divers, Collabs, & Integrated Bracelets

Welcome to the Worn & Wound Micro-Brand Digest, a semi-monthly roundup of all the new micro-brand news we’re following, from concepts that show promise, to kickstarter launches to restocks, and everything in between. Small independents, and affordable micro-brands spurred the creation of Worn & Wound over 10 years ago, and they still drive our enthusiasm in a big way. 

Here’s what’s caught our eye this month.

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E.C. Andersson Calypso II

E.C. Andersson, a small watch brand based in Sweden, has launched the Calypso II, a stylish sports watch with an integrated look and case shape that seems to have been inspired by the same portholes that gave rise to the Nautilus, Royal Oak, and (especially) the Hublot Big Bang. Unlike those watches, the Calypso II is very affordable, with a retail price of just $790 (less if you pre-order). The case appears to be rather well finished in their promotional shots, and the dial has its own funky style that doesn’t lean too heavily on any of brands mentioned above. The dial is a bright, metallic blue with a repeating triangle pattern for added texture and visual interest, with a power reserve indicator tucked away between 9:00 and 10:00. It runs on a Miyota automatic movement, and the case measures 39mm in diameter with a very manageable lug to lug span of 48mm. More information can be found at E.C. Andersson here.

Ti Field Watch

This titanium field watch is the result of a collaboration between the folks behind RZE and Big Idea Design. It’s a truly novel take on the genre, and even gives you the option to go with an automatic or solar powered movement. At a glance, this one looks straightforward, with a simple stick dial and day/date aperture at 3 o’clock, but a closer look reveals some interesting details. The Ti Field Watch brings a minimal timing bezel to the table, with a single mark able to time things in a very discreet fashion. The case gets a geometric design with flat surfaces folded together, making for a robust look while retaining slim dimensions at 40.5mm in diameter and 46mm from lug to lug. This project is already backed, but you’ve still got time to get on board with slots starting at $375. See the project here.

Heron Watch Co. Gladiateur

If you love Roman numerals, boy do we have a watch for you. The new watch from Montreal based Heron is the Gladiateur MMLXV. As you can see, not only does it prominently feature a dive bezel with Roman numerals engraved in relief, but it features a string of them in the very name of the watch! MMLXV, in case you’ve forgotten this lesson from your middle school years, equates to 2,065. Why 2,065? Your guess is as good as ours. If you’re not a Roman numeral enthusiast, the Gladiateur still has plenty to offer. Heron designed this watch with comfort in mind, and they say the 41mm case that measures a little less than 12mm thick is a Goldilocks size that will suit a wide array of wrists. The Gladiateur runs on a Miyota movement and is being funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which you can read all about right here. The retail price is $475, but you still have time to get an early deal on a pre-order.

Aerotec Forte Ti Diver

The Aerotec Forte Ti Diver takes inspiration from the best of places, that being the Porsche Design Ocean 2000 by IWC. The watch is a truly unique take on the diver in pure ‘80s style that’s gone under the radar for too long. The Forte Ti draws from this classic diver in a few ways, without wandering too deeply into homage territory. The bezel design is the most overt, however the shape of the titanium case features a more traditional lug set up than the fully integrated Porsche Design. The flavor is still there, though. Likewise, the dial takes its own route, with a single numeral at 12 o’clock, and circular hour markers throughout. This Kickstarter is currently live and can be backed for as little as $292. More information here.


Dumoreau DM01

Integrated bracelet sports watches continue to be a trend in the micro brand space. Dumoreau is a California based watch brand that has just launched the DM01, a stainless steel watch with an integrated bracelet and a case shape that will appear to anyone who enjoys the stranger side of 60s and 70s vintage watches. What might set this watch apart from the many, many others in the same vein is the dial, which they appear to have nailed. It comes in two colors, a bright canary yellow and a shade of turquoise that you might be tired of seeing on new releases at this point, but has no signs of dipping in popularity anytime soon. The dial has a sunburst finish and a textured pattern that follows the shape of the bezel, giving it a strange three dimensional quality. There’s a lot of design here for the $450 retail price. More information here.

Maen Manhattan 37

Maen watches is adding a new collection to their portfolio this year, and it takes their existing design language into a new direction. In our review of the Greenwhich 38 we saw some bold aesthetic choices being made, and it’s no different with the Manhattan 37. The squarish case hosts an integrated bracelet and dial with vertical geneva striping for an altogether unexpected look that deviates considerably from the brand’s proper offerings. The Manhattan 37 will be available to preorder at the beginning of April with deliveries slated to begin by late August. Discover more from Maen watches here.

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