RZE Watches Introduces the Endeavour, a Tough Titanium Diver

Singapore based RZE Watches is back after a rebrand (they were formerly known as Reise Watches, and we covered their first release right here) with their first dive watch collection. The Endeavour is a natural iteration on the themes we saw in the Resolute last year, which was pitched as a tough, modern, titanium field watch. One of the things we liked about the brand’s previous offering was their adventurous use of color and an unapologetically contemporary flavor that doesn’t lean too heavily on vintage watch themes, and that is largely carried over into this new collection of divers. Let’s take a look. 


At a glance, the Endeavour appears to have a similar form factor to the Resolute. The case is dominated by sharp angles and has the tough, gray tone that we’ve come to expect with titanium tool watches. Like the Resolute, the Endeavour has an “UltraHex” coating applied to the case, which RZE claims gives the watch a surface hardness that is eight times greater than stainless steel and will keep the case virtually scratch free. The utilitarian appearance of the watch is matched by its movement, the Seiko NH38A, which is as reliable a workhorse as there is for a watch like this. 

The case diameter of the Endeavour is a wearable 40.5mm with a lug to lug span of 46mm, and the thickness is up just one millimeter from the Resolute, and comes in at 12.5mm. Water resistance is naturally up as well, at a full 200 meters, and you can time dives, frozen pizzas, or simply distract yourself during those endless Zoom meetings with the thin rotating bezel that has been color matched to the case. 

We’re happy to see that RZE continues to offer their watches in a variety of colors. Four dial variants will be available at launch: Polaris White, Pacific Blue, Frigate Gray, and Medallion Yellow. The Yellow in particular is quite nice, and might be a nice low cost substitute if you’re craving the mustard Oyster Perpetual that dropped last year, but don’t have the desire to pay well over list price for the Crown’s entry level watch. Also of note, the white dial is fully lumed. Regardless of the color choice, all dials feature two-tone lume and applied hour markers. 

The new Endeavour collection launches today, with delivery expected in May. The retail price is $459, but during a limited pre-order period RZE is offering the Endeavour for an introductory price of $359. For more information, check out RZE’s website right here.

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