Micro-Brand Digest: Watches Inspired by Aviation, a Steampunk Aesthetic, and Colorful 3D Printed Designs

Welcome to the Worn & Wound Micro-Brand Digest, a semi-monthly roundup of all the new micro-brand news we’re following, from concepts that show promise, to Kickstarter launches, to restocks, and everything in between. Small independents, and affordable micro-brands spurred the creation of Worn & Wound over 10 years ago, and they still drive our enthusiasm in a big way.

Here’s what’s caught our eye this month.

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Sphaera – Desk Diver

The Sphaera Desk Diver is a unique timepiece that brings a steampunk twist to the vintage-inspired dive watch trend. Recently decimating its Kickstarter goal, it is set to release more desk divers to the public this summer.

Inspired by vintage dive helmets, the Desk Diver features a distinctive screw-in bezel and a sleek matte black sandwich dial with C3 X1 SuperLuminova. The dial is protected by a domed hesalite crystal they call a “dive dome,” adding to its allure. The 40mm sandblasted case exudes a rugged and tool-like aesthetic, making it appear sturdy enough to drive a nail. With its oversized screw-down crown, this desk diver offers a water resistance of up to 100 meters.


If that wasn’t distinctive enough, the desk diver is powered by the recently revived Landeron Swiss automatic movement. Regulated to ±5 seconds, this movement ensures precise timekeeping. The watch is entirely assembled in Austria. The desk diver will be priced at 1200 euros.

For more information about the Sphaera Desk Diver, visit their website.

Richard Harvey Watches 

Richard Harvey Watches, based in Virginia, embraces a unique approach with their Attitude line of timepieces. Drawing inspiration from aviation and vintage aircraft gauges, these watches exude an unmistakable pilot watch aesthetic. However, they go beyond the expected. The dial plays with depth and contrast, offering two distinct treatments: the colorful and vibrant Patriot version, and the appropriately named Blackout version with a black and gray color scheme. Constructed from three separate layers, the dial creates a sense of depth and provides a great template for some impressive lume application. Each dial features minute cutouts, a triangle at 12 o’clock, and stencil-style Arabic numerals at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock.

The unique qualities of the Attitude line extend to the case as well. With a squared-off, bead-blasted, and titanium carbide PVD coated tonneau shape, the case boasts hooded lugs and an intriguing crown guard. Its rugged appearance suggests it can withstand the rigors of the cockpit. The case measures 42.5mm in diameter, 13mm in thickness, and has a lug-to-lug length of 47mm. Powering the watch is a Swiss Rhonda R150 automatic movement.

Normally priced at $699, the Attitude watch is currently on sale for $599 at the time of writing. More information here.

The Real Time Watch

The Real Time Watch, is a new timepiece that embraces a minimalist design concept with a unique disk system. With its innovative approach to displaying time in “real time,” with no running seconds, this watch is designed to remind the wearer to slow down and focus on what is important. The creation of the Real Time Watch is the result of a collaboration between Ukrainian-born designer Aleksej Iskos and Ukrainian watch company, ZAVOD.

This remarkable timepiece also offers a Kickstarter exclusive known as the WAR TIME special edition. The WAR TIME edition features a special WAR TIME engraved caseback and a portion of the proceeds from its sales contribute to supporting civilians affected by the war in Ukraine. Each variant of the Real Time Watch is named after a different dark sky reserve around the world, and their coordinates and a star chart showcasing the annual meteor shower of each reserve adorn the engraved caseback.

The Real Time Watch boasts a crowd pleasing 40mm case diameter and a slim profile, measuring just 9.1mm in thickness. It is powered by a reliable Miyota 2036 quartz movement.

The Real Time Watch has blown past their initial funding goal on Kickstarter. The basic edition of this watch is still up for grabs for only $157 on kickstarter, and the special WAR TIME edition is available at $186. These prices are 25% lower than the eventual retail price. Check out the Kickstarter here.

Felix Toucan

While watching the recent Youtube video about strange watches, my mind wouldn’t stop wandering to Felix Toucan and his mind-boggling 3D printed timepieces. From Portland, Felix Toucan operates as a true one-man show, pouring his creativity and personality into each unique and fun timepeace. Notably, he is deeply committed to environmental sustainability, ensuring that every component of his watches, including the bracelet and pins, is 3D printed, packaged, and shipped in an environmentally conscious way.

Yet, what truly sets Felix Toucan’s creations apart are his designs. Among the standout pieces that caught my attention were “Roboto,” a watch that needs no description as its name says it all; “A Maze Ing,” featuring a fully functional ball maze integrated into the dial face, adding an element of playful engagement; and “Jaws,” adorned with 3D printed lips and vampire fangs, partially obscuring the dial for a bite of fun.

At under $150, Felix Toucan offers a delightful and affordable means for individuals to express their unique personalities through his fun-centric timepieces. From his imaginative designs to his commitment to sustainability, every aspect of his watches reflects his passion for creating truly different pieces that stand out from the crowd. Check out the website here.

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