My 2 Favorite Swatches: A Gallery


In my life until this point, I have owned more Swatches than any other brand of watch. I have had flik-flaks, chronos, skins, automatics and classics all grace my wrist at one point or another. Growing up, they were stylish and fun watches that I could wear that did not represent a huge monetary loss (to my parents) when I inevitable scratched or out right broke them… and I did break quite a few (sorry Swatch). These days, though I wear watches from a considerable array of brands, I still go back to 2 Swatch autos from the early 90’s that stand out in my collection due to their great design, interesting dials and versatile pallets. They also are both sporting ETA 2840 movements, which are accurate, thin and a pleasure to look at. Both of these watches were given to me by my father, who is responsible for my watch obsession to begin with, so I felt a photo gallery would be good for this father’s day.

1. The 1991 Swatch Gran Via auto (not 100% sure if that is correct). The most clearly defining feature of this Swatch is its transparent green case and buckle. Paired with a very classically styled dial with a movement window, brass hands and crown, and a light brown strap; this Swatch is very unique. It is casual and touch dressy, standout but not ostentatious and an all around pleasure to wear. It goes very well with light colored shirts and blue denim. Apparently, my father bought this for himself, and I, at the age of 7, liked it so much that he bought me one too. Luckily I must have not worn it a lot as a kid, because it is still in very good condition.

2. I have no idea what this one is called (anyone know?), but it is from 1992. The dial on this one is remarkably different, and really speaks to a brand with a strong graphic design aesthetic and a willingness to differ from convention. The dial consists of two relatively thin black rings, one on the outer edge that has numerals and marking for minutes and an offset inner ring with roman numerals for hours. The rest is cut away to show the ETA movement. The swatch logo is actually printed on the lens, which makes it float above the dial and hands. The case is solid black and the strap is a gorgeous mahogany tone. I love to wear this watch with black jeans, brown boots and a darker shirt. My father found this Swatch a few years ago in a box in the back of his closet. He had bought it in ’92 and somehow managed to lose it for close to 20 years… So, he then gave it to me. Yay!

Enjoy the gallery, and check ebay periodically if you are looking for either of these, they sometimes show up.

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