’96 Swatch Irony Automatic: A Gallery


This peculiar Swatch specimen is from the early years of their Irony series and unfortunately, I could not find a name for it (*update: it’s called “spinnin”). For the most part, the design is relatively simple, conservative even. The body is made of polished stainless steel with a polished stainless bezel that has “swatch” etched in repeatedly. The face features a white face with black tick marks for the hour and minute indexes, a touch of silver/reflective paint around the hour markers that glimmers in the light and dots of lume around the outer index. The hour and minutes hands are thick solid black rectangles with small lines of lume down their centers. All in all, a very normal watch.

Then you see smack in the center of the watch is this peculiar cog. One of the teeth of the cog is a small triangle with orange lume: this is the seconds hand. The cog has a slight texturing to it and a reflective coating, making it seem more metallic than if it were just a flat grey. This little twist takes the watch from simple and almost boring over to unique, fun and whimsical. The gear also plays very nicely with the overall proportions of the watch and spacing of the layout, so when you look at the watch it doesn’t seem absurd or like some punch line; it just an interesting and light hearted feature.

Enjoy the gallery!

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