Meet Oak and Oscar Founder Chase Fancher in NYC, at Q&A Hosted by Postlight

On Thursday, June 9th, 6:30 – 9:30pm in NYC, Chase Fancher, founder of Oak and Oscar, will sit down with Tyler Strand, Director of Product Management for Postlight, an NYC-based app development company, to discuss what goes into successfully building and shipping a top quality product.

Regular readers of worn&wound will be familiar with Oak & Oskar, which released its first watch, the Burnham, in mid-2015. For the uninitiated, the Burnham is a military-style watch defined by quality and craftsmanship. In developing the watch, Chase worked with suppliers and manufacturers from around the world, several of which are based in the US, including WoodnSteel (Indiana), Crown&Buckle (Florida), Lum-Tec (Ohio) and Defy MFG Co. (Chicago). The Burnham is now sold out (I guess it was a success) and Chase is hard at work on his next piece.



Hosting Chase for this Q&A is Postlight, an NYC-based app development company with clients such as Revolt, Reuters, Time Inc and Fotrune, among others. As part of their regular speaker series, Postlight will be hosting Chase at their offices in Manhattan to learn more about his journey from product ideation to delivery. Postlight co-founder, Rich Ziade, happens to be a watch enthusiast, and discovered Oak & Oscar at our Wind-Up watch fair held last October. Chase’s story impressed him almost as much as the Burnham watch he now wears.

We’re excited to invite all worn&wound readers in the NYC area to join the Q&A session. Click here to register for the event. We hope to see you there!

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