Wind-Up: New York City 2015 Recap

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Of all the things we did this year, I think I can speak for the team in saying that Wind-Up: New York City was the biggest success. We got 19 great brands together, many of who have never had the opportunity to show and sell their watches and wares in person, in a gorgeous space in Soho, and everyone had an amazing time. From the 3,000+ people who came through the space starting that Friday afternoon and ending that Sunday evening, to the brands who got to meet and talk to their fans and perspective customers, everyone left with a smile. On top of that, we got some great press from the likes of Esquire, Cool Hunting, Gear Patrol, Whitewall Magazine, A Blog to Watch, Professional Watches, and The Watch Lounge.


For us, we’re proud to say that we achieved our goal of creating the world’s first affordable watch fair, and had a great time while doing it. We hope in no small way that Wind-Up will become an event of major significance in the watch industry, finally highlighting what so many smaller and more accessible brands are doing. We’ll definitely be doing it again in 2016.

So, for our final hurrah of 2015, we present you with a few things to enjoy. The first is our snazzy recap video that documented Wind-Up: NYC. We love how this turned out, perfectly getting across the energetic feel of the weekend. Enjoy it below:

Next, we have a 37-minute cut of the panel we held one evening during the event. The panel features Jonathan Ferrer of Brew Watches, Bradley Price of Autodromo, Angela Beebe of Oris, Thilo Mühle of Mühle Glashütte and Andi Felsi of Horage. So, grab your morning coffee or evening scotch, sit back and enjoy some watch talk.

Lastly, we have a ton of photos of the space and event. So, enjoy!

As always, we want to give a big thanks to everyone who came to Wind-Up and made it the exceptional experience it turned out to be. We also want to thank our awesome sponsors,  Autodromo, Crown & Buckle, Horage, MKII, Mühle Glashütte and Analog/Shift, for helping make this happen. See you in 2016!

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