Ochs & Junior Give Settimana Raw Bronze Makeover

Last year, ochs & junior gave us the settimana raw, a watch that stripped the novel concept to its bare minimum, featuring a raw titanium case and silver dial. No numerals or even hour markers in sight, just a set of hands within raw material and a straightforward implementation of a very unique day of the week complication. This year, ochs & junior is revisiting this concept with the new settimana raw brass. It’s just as, well, raw, visually but brings a warm contrast to the watch that pairs well with the ‘straight off the CNC machine’ concept of the settimana. 

Ochs & junior watches refuse to be glanced over. They almost demand closer scrutiny, whether in their presentation and material, or their wholly unique approach to complications. There is nothing standard about them, and in many cases it takes a bit of curiosity to fully understand and appreciate what you’re looking at. That’s not to say they are difficult to read or use, rather the opposite, but they go against the grain of what we’ve come to expect from most other watches out there.


This settimana raw boasts a bronze dial that is literally straight off the CNC machine, forgoing any markings and indeed even a nickel plating. The result is a satisfying amount of scruff evenly distributed across the surface of the dial, and also means each will be unique in appearance. The only disruption to the madness are a series of dot apertures surrounding the hand stack, with seven holes and a larger semi circle, with another layer of bronze underneath. Between them travels a single black lumed marker, which indicates the day of the week, with a quick travel back to Monday via the larger aperture. 

The inventive take on the day of the week complication follows a similar formula we’ve seen appear on other ochs & junior models that feature calendar complications, from the date, to the month, or all together in their incredible annual calendar (see the full explanation of that watch right here). Packaging the seaming complexity of these displays into a rather minimal dial design may look intimidating at a glance, but upon inspection you’re presented with an intuitive display of information that not only looks beautiful, but serves a practical purpose. 

The settimana raw in bronze is offered in both 36mm and 40mm titanium case options, and the display is built from a Sellita SW-200 base with just 4 components comprising the day of the week function. The price is CHF2,215 and orders take anywhere from 1 to 2 months to deliver. More from ochs und junior.

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