Pairs Well With: Damasko DA36 Black


Earlier this week we reviewed the Damasko DA36 black, a wonderful modern take on the classic German flieger. As we noted in our review, the DA36 black is not just a watch. It is a fantastic piece of engineering with a whole lot of practical tech built into it. From the ice-hardened proprietary steel to the patented crown design, each added component is intended to benefit the user, and not for the brand to tout in some marketing campaign that’s all glitz and no substance.


Today’s “Pairs Well With” pulls inspiration from Damasko’s design and engineering philosophy, with a special focus on utilitarian clothing that can still be worn to the office. Whether it’s the way the garment was assembled or the materials used, each piece chosen goes the extra mile in terms of performance, comfort, and function. That they look good is just icing on the cake.

Alpha Industries L-2B Skyray Jacket


Alpha Industries began its life as a contractor to the United States armed forces, manufacturing heard-wearing jackets built to withstand the rigorous demands of military service. Some famous designs include the MA-1 flight jacket and M-65 field jacket. After the end of the Cold War, Alpha Industries expanded into the commercial market as a purveyor of military-inspired clothing.

L-2B Skyray is a modern take on a jacket originally produced by Alpha Industries in the 1950s for the U.S. Air Force. This modern interpretation is wind and water resistant, made with Alpha’s Doubleweave performance fabric. It’s essentially a shell styled after a flight jacket, so it’s both attractive and practical. The blue is beautiful, but olive is far more versatile for daily wear.

Outlier Merino/Co Pivot Shirt


You may be wondering, “How does one improve on something as basic as a shirt?” Brooklyn-based Outlier found a way. They began with the fabric. Outlier teamed up with Global Merino to make an ultrafine merino/cotton performance cloth. In hot conditions, it pulls moisture to the center of the fiber, and in cooler conditions it is an excellent insulator that allows one to stay comfortable in a wide range of temperatures.

Beyond the awesome fabric, the shirt features Outlier’s iconic “Pivot” construction, designed to remove the main tension points caused by leaning and reaching forward. When actively worn, the Pivot design ensures that the shoulders don’t pull tight, the cuffs stay in place, and the shirt doesn’t blouse out when tucked in.

Proof NY Nomad Pants


Whether you walk, take the subway, drive, or bike to work, the Nomad pants from Proof NY are great for just about any occasion. On the surface, they look like a pair of run-of-the-mill slacks one might wear to the office–which is exactly what most of us need. However, the fabric is where the true magic lies.

Proof uses a high-performance Schoeller Dryskin blend, a soft-shell fabric designed to be breathable, fast drying, and wind and water repellent. The fabric also has some elasticity for when you’re active, so it’s far more durable than cotton or wool.

Feit Double Stitchdown Desert Boots


Feit is an Australian brand that specializes in minimalist footwear, specifically sneakers. Their styling is super pared down and all of their shoes feature one-piece construction. That is, rather than cutting several pieces of leather, stitching them together, and lasting the uppers, Feit uses a single sheet of leather and shapes it over a last–a costlier way of making shoes.

The Double Stitchdown takes Feit’s signature construction style and applies it the classic desert boot silhouette. The shoe is Goodyear welted and gusseted at the tongue, two details that reinforce waterproofing. The shoes are also left sitting on the last for 10 days, where steam and humidity are applied to tighten the leather and enhance the fit. Though pricey, Feit footwear will only get better with age.

Mission Workshop Black Camo Series Messenger Bag


There are a million messenger bags out there, and most are pretty generic. Not the case with the bags from Mission Workshop, a company out of California making some of the coolest modular gear around.

Made out of lightweight Cordura fabric, Mission Workshop’s messenger bag is weatherproof through and through. The main compartment features a “roll top” that can be worn rolled up or “flap down.” It features outboard pockets, internal zippered pockets, and the main cargo compartment can fit larger laptops with the smaller zippered pocket perfect for 15″ laptops. It’s the only bag you’ll ever need.

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