Pairs Well With: Squale 101 Atmos


It’s not spring without torrential downpour. Sure, people get annoyed at this, but I tend to welcome it. The dark skies, pitter-patter of rain, empty streets and sidewalks; it’s kind of soothing… well, in NYC at least. The other part I enjoy is that April showers force you to dress differently. You can go different routes with that challenge; one, you could just throw on things you care less about; old shoes, comfy jeans, a plastic poncho you received for free but can’t remember where. Or, you can dress to meet the rain head on and welcome it with well-considered attire. That way, when you get to work, the movies, whatever… you will appear to have bested the weather. And the most important part, naturally, is your selection of watch.

It’s raining; it’s dark out, potentially windy with low visibility and, obviously, wet. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to break out the dive watch. Sure, you don’t need high water resistance to endure a downpour, but when the storm you headed out in picks up suddenly, you will be happy to know your crown is screwed down, your bracelet or rubber strap wont be damaged, and that your well lumed hands and dial can still be read. There are many watches that would fulfill these requirements, but one that does so in strides, while looking really good, is the Squale 101 Atmos with black dial, black/orange bezel on a mesh bracelet. The Squale 101 Atmos is a remake of the Italian brand’s iconic 70’s diver. With smooth lines in polished stainless steel, a classic no-fuss dial and a black/orange Bakelite bezel, this retro beauty can go from rain to sea to a 3 star meal with out skipping a beat. At $1330, it’s a touch pricy, but it happens to have a 1000m wr, great styling and an ETA 2824-2 at its center.

So, for this edition of PWW, Dexter Austria of took up the challenge of rainwear to go with the Squale Atmos 101. Reflecting not only the weather, but the season, the hint of color on the Atmos and the retro aesthetic of the watch itself.

pairing by Dexter Austria
words by Zach Weiss

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