Windup Watch Fair Discussions: Christopher Ward and Oak & Oscar

This week on the podcast, we’re doing something a little different. All week, we’ll be bringing you a series of conversations from the recent Windup Watch Fair in the great city of San Francisco. If you were following along on the blog and social media over the last few days, you already know that we hosted a ton of great brands and thousands of guests over three days at the Terra Gallery in San Francisco, and we didn’t miss the opportunity to sit down with as many brand owners and founders as we possibly could. Naturally, we recorded those conversations for posterity, and over the next week or so will be presenting them to you in podcast form, for your listening pleasure. 

Today, we’ve got two interviews to kick things off. First up, we’re talking to Chase Fancher, the founder of Oak & Oscar. Then we’ve got a great conversation with Christopher Ward CEO Mike France, along with Jorg Bader, who leads the product team at the brand.

Oak & Oscar exhibits at the Windup Watch Fair in San Francisco
Mike France greets watch enthusiasts at the Christopher Ward booth

Later in the week, we’ll be bringing you interviews with Lewis Heath of anOrdain, Raphael Granito of Formex, MK II’s Bill Yao, Wes Kwok of Nodus, Baltic’s Etienne Malec, and Nivada-Grenchen’s Guillaume Laidet. If you’re subscribed to the Worn & Wound podcast feed already, be sure to check it regularly, as we’ll be publishing the rest of our interviews soon.

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