Product Highlight: 2 Watch Fold

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The idea for the 2 Watch Fold came from a simple premise: how can we improve on the ubiquitous watch pouch? You know, those leather pockets that you put your watch in and throw in your bag. And the answer was simple–double their capacity. By mirroring pockets, the 2 Watch Fold–an original worn&wound design–allows you to carry two watches in the space of one, or a watch and some straps, or perhaps some glasses or pens, or whatever else you need to carry. Additionally, the 2 Watch Fold helps protect your watches. It’s not made of a thin piece of leather, rather the exterior is made of a hearty material like canvas, layered with padding and lined with micro suede. Oh, and it’s American-made. Yeah, it’s an improvement on the watch pouch.

The Olive 2 Watch Fold

Currently, we have our Olive 2 Watch Fold available. Made of 18oz waxed olive canvas, Horween Olive chamois leather and tobacco brown micro suede, it has a rugged American style and is made to last.

Pick one up for $99 at

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