Product Highlight: The Herringbone Harris Tweed Watch Roll

Often imitated, never duplicated, the worn&wound Watch Roll set the standard. The first to feature soft lining to protect your watches, the first with rugged exterior materials like waxed canvas, the first with a dedicated tool pocket, the first with gussets to allow for larger watches, the first with a leather cord and wooden toggle closure, always American-made… well, you get the picture, we did it right the first time, so we’ve continued to make them as is, only changing up colors and materials to create new and unique combos.

Currently available, we have a special edition that uses authentic Harris Tweed for the exterior material. Made in Scotland using traditional methods, this material is 100% wool and considered to be one of the finest tweeds available in the world. For this roll, we chose a blue herringbone that features a spectacular mix of colored fibers ranging from brown to navy to teal, creating an ever-shifting palette.

Complementing the tweed, the interior pockets and trim are made of Horween Natural Chromexcel leather. A medium brown with a beige hue, Natural Chromexcel ages beautifully, gaining a lot of character. The entire inside, including the pockets, is lined with midnight blue ultrasuede, which subtly brings out the tonality of the tweed while providing a safe surface for your watches.

The Herringbone Harris Tweed Watch Roll is currently available for $199 at, grab your today.

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