Product Highlight: Leather Mil-Straps

The Mil-Strap; a classic style reborn in hearty leather. Based on the famous military design from the 70’s, the Mil-Strap is a pass-through style strap that doubles over, looping round the springs bars, creating a security system should a spring bar fail. They are extra long at 11.5”, giving ample material to double over, creating the iconic look. Made of thick, rugged leather, these straps are best suited to tool watches with longs lugs and some heft.

Color 8

Our American-made Mil-Straps are available in 5 distinguished colors; Color 8, Moss, Natural, Navy and Mahogany. The first 4 are made of supple Horween Chromexcel from the famed Chicago tannery. The fifth is our newest color, which we released just a few weeks ago, and is made from sturdy Wickett & Craig, waxed dipped, veg-tanned Latigo leather. Mahogany is a true dark brown with a gorgeous red pull-up, and has quickly become one of our most popular colors.

Color 8 on the Sinn 556i

The worn&wound leather Mil-Straps are available in 20 + 22mm, and are available now at for $65 per strap.

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