Product Highlight: Mahogany Leather

At the core of every watch strap collection is a good dark brown strap. A go-to strap that you don’t have to think twice about because you know it will look good with everything. It will work on a dark or light dialed watch, a dressier watch or something more sporty, and on something modern or something vintage. And it will look as good with jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt as it will with slacks, brogues and a blazer. Yup, a versatile dark brown strap is key, which is why we have one brown that we have used across several different straps and even a belt: Mahogany.

The Model 2 Classic
The Single Pass Classic
The Mil-Strap Classic
The High Craft Model 1
The Classic Belt

Mahogany is vegetable tanned leather sourced from Wickett & Craig of Pennsylvania, one of the finest tanneries in the world. It’s an oiled Latigo leather that has been impregnated with waxes through a tumbling process as well as a dip in a vat of wax and oils to give it a matte sheen. In terms of color, it’s a true dark brown, with a chocolatey hue that is set off by a strong current of red that pops through when the leather is stressed. It’s a rugged leather, but depending on the style of strap, this can be used towards a stylish effect.

The Model 2 Classic Mahogany on the Benrus Bullitt

Currently, we offer five American-made products in this Mahogany leather. First, there’s our Model 2 Classic, a two-piece, unlined strap with vintage styling and hand tied knots for $65. Next, we have our Single Pass Classic, which is essentially a one-piece, pass through version of the Model 2. Then we have our Mil-Strap Classic, which takes the famed military pass-through strap design and renders it in this hearty leather.

Beefy and robust: the High Craft Model 1 Mahogany

Our last strap made in Mahogany is our High Craft Model 1. This straight-cut, two-piece strap is our toughest, most rugged design, made for use with heavier sports watches. It also features a sculpted shape and natural veg-tanned lining leather. And lastly, we have our Classic Belt, which is like a watch strap, but for your pants. Just kidding. This 1.25-inch belt is a great addition to your wardrobe, especially when paired with a matching strap.

So, if you’re looking for a truly classic, versatile brown strap, check out one of the Mahogany options above. And, of course, should you be looking for a different color, we have you covered at

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