Product Highlight: Summer Blues

There’s just something about the color blue that is very appealing. It’s cool and soothing, yet it can also be energetic, ranging from pale, near grays to striking saturated indigos. As such, it’s no surprise that we so often find blues in our attire, from jeans to blazers. Furthermore, as any watch enthusiasts can tell you, blue is found more and more often in watches, nearly becoming an expected option alongside traditional white/silver and black dials. With this in mind, we’ve always sought to have several blue options in our collection of American-made watch accessories to go along with both wardrobes and timepieces.

Currently, we have a handful of different styles of watch straps in blue as well as some accessories. First, we have our Navy High Craft Vintage strap, with a 4mm taper, dark blue surface and matching edge paint. This is a great strap for a more conservative use of the color. Next, we have our Navy Model 2 Premium. This actually uses a bright blue leather that is more casual and looks amazing on sport and tool watches. Then, we have our brightest blue, the Oceano Shell Cordovan Model 2, which has an unreal inner glow and the slightest hint of green, making it a truly unique color. You’ll find this same color on our Oceano Monk Made x w&w wallet. Lastly, our Denim Watch Roll is blue, naturally. Its exterior is made from selvage denim from Cone Mills’ White Oak plant in North Carolina, one of the only denim mills in the US.

To add some blue to your collection and to check out more of our American-made watch accessories, head to

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