Product Highlights: Black Straps, Rolls, Folds and More

One of the undeniable truths about watches is that your watch, no matter the dial color, case material or finish will look good on a black strap. It’s just a fact of reality. Furthermore, a black strap will likely go with whatever you are wearing, making them truly versatile. So, amidst a collection of straps that might have a range of browns and other colors, one needs a few core black straps. As such, we here at Worn & Wound have made sure that in all of our series of American-made watch straps, from our Nylon ADPTs to our High Craft Vintages, come in a black. Additionally, we have a collection of other sleek black products from cases to tools, as they just always look cool.

Here are few items in black to check out:

ADPT Strap Black


The American-made ADPT Strap – Black is a classic color, but while many black nylon straps are boring, this one has a surprising amount of nuance. The black is a bit softer than other blacks, and with a line of silver accent thread, has more character too, looking particularly sharp on modern timepieces.

EDC Watch Fold Black

The EDC Watch Fold is inspired by modern outdoors and EDC gear. Featuring 1000D nylon fabric, neoprene and 550 paracord, it’s built to last and take a beating. The twin pockets then let you carry much more than the size suggests, easily fitting two watches, a watch and some gear or perhaps just some gear. The neoprene expands to accommodate many shapes, while still keeping them secure.

The EDC Watch Fold – Black is our sleek and tactical option. It features a black 1000D nylon exterior and black neoprene pockets, but bright blue interior and blue flecked paracord. The exterior and pockets keep it dark and subtle, while the highlights of blue make it easy to find in luggage.

High Craft – Vintage Black

The High Craft – Vintage features a 4mm taper and a simple row stitch, giving it a luxurious, but minimal look that pairs beautifully with refined timepieces. For the High Craft – Vintage Black we’ve used Horween’s Black Chromexcel. We chose the Chromexcel to create a strap with an even surface, deep and dark tone and oily sheen. We kept this strap pure and minimal with matching black edges, row stitch and keeper.

High Craft – Model 1 Black

The Model 1 is our most rugged strap. It features a straight cut, single oversized keeper and a row stitch with added side knots. The tough, vegetable tanned Wickett&Craig leather used with the Model 1 – Black is deep and dark with a noticeable grain. It’s very supple as well, with a broken in feel straight out of the box. We kept all of the details black as well, including the lining leather, for a clean appearance.

Watch Roll Black Grid Wax

Every watch collector needs some way to store and carry their favorite timepieces, whether at home or when traveling. Designed and constructed in New York City, the Worn & Wound Watch Roll comfortably fits up to four watches (tested up to 50mm wide including crown) or a number of straps, and has a fifth dedicated pocket for a Worn & Wound Spring Bard Tool (not included). The exterior is made of black 10.10 oz waxed army duck canvas with a heavy stitched grid pattern, while the pockets and trim are constructed of Horween Coal Chamois leather. The inner lining of the roll is ultrasuede, creating a perfect surface for resting your watch while you change its strap, or for simply cleaning the crystal.

Schon DSGN x Worn & Wound Clip Pen

American-made, minimally designed and beautifully crafted, the Schon DSGN x Worn & Wound Clip Pen adds elegant style to your EDC. Made of aluminum, the Clip Pen is light, but well-balanced, feeling great in the hand. The newly designed clip allows for easy carrying and doubles as a tool to remove the brass set screw for changing the ink cartridge. Available in sleek black and a custom olive anodize.

Autodromo x Worn & Wound Group B LE Collaboration

Ok, technically this one isn’t black, nor is it an accessory, but it looked good in the surroundings, so why not? Featuring a Gun Metal PVD mid-case, neon red dial accents and a specially made Coal, lined Single-Pass strap, the Group B LE is dark, nuanced watch with a surprising hint of color. It’s dark, moody and completely unique making it a welcome addition to a collection.

Model 2 Classic + Cordovan Black

Model 2 Classic
Model 2 Cordovan
Model 2 Classic
Model 2 Cordovan

The Model 2 Classic was designed to be a simple, stylish go-to strap for all seasons. It’s a 2-piece design made out of unlined leather, cut with a slight taper. The edges are raw, letting them gain a nice patina, and the knots are hand-tied out of thick braided waxed cotton cord for a crafty, hand-made finish. We used both a fixed metal loop as well as a wide leather band for keepers, creating a rugged detail that hints at military straps.

The leather chosen for the Model 2 Classic – Black is a Latigo that is drum-dyed all the way through and then dipped in hot wax, for a matte top surface. This is a no-fuss black strap with black cord for knots, giving it a clean, sharp look.

This same style is also available in luxurious Italian shell cordovan.

Model 2 Premium Black

The Model 2 Premium is a more refined version of our Model 2 Classic strap. For the Premium, we took the same tapering 2-piece strap design, but made it out of a combination of Wickett & Craig vegetable tanned lining and Horween top leather. The edges are now painted with several layers of complimentary color, for a cleaner fit and finish. This strap is pure black: black Horween leather, black edge paint, black thread and black Wickett & Craig lining. Dark, sleek and classic, you can’t go wrong.

Single Pass Classic + Cordovan Black

Single Pass Classic
Single Pass Cordovan
Single Pass Classic
Single Pass Cordovan

Single Pass straps slip behind the spring bars of a watch, creating a clean line of leather that wraps around the wrist. Rendered in all black Wickett & Craig Latigo leather or Italian Shell Cordovan, a Single Pass is a great alternative to two-piece and mil-strap styles.

Strap-Changing Multi-Tool Black

The Strap-Changing Multi-Tool is the first of its kind and an original Worn & Wound invention. We took the standard strap-changing tool and redesigned it to add more functionality, without making it larger or bulkier. Featuring capped ends for travel, reversible tips with flat-head screwdriver sides and the unique ability to split in half, becoming two tools, the Strap-Changing Multi-Tool Black can handle all your strap changing needs. The tool is made of aluminum and anodized matte black.

For more straps, accessories and colors:

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