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A few months ago, we did a roundup of military style strap manufacturers, and since that time we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from w&w readers.  Clearly you guys are hip to nylon straps.  Well, there’s a new strap company on the market that has some pretty unique products.  The company is DubStraps, and we’re pretty sure that what they’re offering, you won’t find anywhere else. 

From the looks of it, DubStraps is brand new to the watch accessories scene.  Based out of Queens, NY, DubStraps currently offers three very unique nylon straps, each carrying a $14.99 price tag.  DubStrap’s most standout strap is the Selvage NATO Watch Strap.  Designed to have the appearance of the seam of selvage denim, this strap is distinctly fashion-conscious, and seems to be directed at a more youthful/hip demographic. There is also a Black version of the Selvage strap available, suggesting there may be other color ways in the pipeline.

The other two DubStraps are much more playful.  Both are named for neighborhoods in New York City and feature bold coloring and stitching.  The Rockaway Beach, which shows a light blue zig-zag line (reminiscent of waves) on a dark blue background, is named for Rockaway’s “booming surf scene”.  Meanwhile, The Astoria strap features markings right off the iconic Anthora coffee cup, a staple of Greek diners and bodegas throughout New York City.  With both The Rockaway Beach and The Astoria, DubStraps has developed a unique take on the NATO strap, infused with a bit of kitsch and NYC nostalgia, and still managed to end up with a really nice looking, wearable product.

Without seeing any DubStraos up close, I can’t speak to their quality, but it definitely seems like this young company has something going for it.  If nothing else, they offer a refreshing take on a style of strap that is available in nearly every iteration and variation you can imagine.  From the looks of it, it seems certain that DubStraps has pulled off what many fail to do, in successfully creating a truly unique product amidst a sea of established competitors.

To learn more about DubStraps and their products head to their website or twitter page.

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