Real Steel: G-Shock Unveils A Full-Metal CasiOak

It didn’t take long for the G-Shock GA2100 to become a hit. Packaged with G-Shock’s continuously evolving technology, hard wearing build and octagonal case design, it quickly became Casio’s best selling watch to date. Since its introduction in 2019, the GA2100 has progressed in dial design, technical application and we’ve also seen a couple of collaborations with the sought-after model. But once the modding community got their hands on the GA2100, a trend was started on social media, fixing a metal case over the original resin body giving the G-Shock a similar look to a familiar sports watch (sans astronomical price tag) and an appropriate nickname to boot; the CasiOak.

When it comes to being in tune with watch enthusiast’s wants and desires, G-Shock consistently has their ear to the ground. Case in point with the release of the GM2100 which for the first time had the model sporting a monoblock steel bezel construction paired on a resin strap and answered the call for many lusting for a metallic design. Fast forward to last week, G-Shock decided to double down on using steel as the primary material with the release of the GMB2100 series.


The idea behind the GMB2100 is simple. Take what made the GA2100 successful and deliver it in an all-steel offering. The case and bezel are furnished out of stainless steel with a fine resin molded and shaped precisely to fit in between the two. The result is a tough metal exterior and a shock absorption layer protecting the inner module. The steel case is finished with a mirror-like polish via G-Shock’s three-step surface finishing process. The GMB2100 now features a new stainless steel bracelet that secures through a three fold dual button clasp. The new metal feel adds a premium feeling and a luxurious dynamic to the rugged model.

To add a metallic pop to the dial, G-Shock uses a “grid mark finishing and vapor deposition” to the inset dial ring and the hour indices. I’m not familiar with the vapor deposition process, but a quick search on the interwebs says that it is a process by which a chemical reaction through high temperature and condensation creates high quality and high performance solid material. If that process doesn’t sound very G-Shock to you, then I don’t know what will. The dial layout remains the same. A feature-in-use subdial displays the World Time, Alarm, Bluetooth and Power Reserve functions. The negative display LCD screen remains fixed in the lower right quadrant of the dial. Unlike its first metal cased sibling, the GMB2100 comes equipped with bluetooth connectivity and G-Shock’s Tough Solar technology.

The GMB2100 comes in three various metallic finishes; Steel, Dary Gray and Copper. The steel and dark gray options are reserved for those who find themselves on the conservative side. The copper offering however has its own flashiness to it. Although G-Shock is calling the GMB2100GD-5A “Copper”, the material itself is actually stainless steel that is ion plated with a warm copper-gold tone.

From first hand experience, the CasiOak wears unexpectedly well on wrist and is sneaky thin. The GMB2100 is the slimmest full-metal offering within the G-Shock catalog, coming in at 12.8mm thick. Paired with a 44mm case width, it should wear very well on a wide array of wrist shapes and sizes. The heaviness that comes with wearing a steel watch on its bracelet as opposed to a strap, especially one that’s originally made out of a synthetic resin material, will for sure add to the luxe, well-made feel. The difference in weight should give you an idea. The GA2100 comes in at 52g and the GM2100 comes in at 72g. The GMB2100, a hefty 165 grams. As much as I hate using the term, the GMB2100 is for sure going to add some “wrist presence”.

Unfortunately the preorder for the GMB2100 series is already sold out, but stay tuned to the G-Shock site as they are set to fully release the set later this month. The “Steel” model GMB2100D-1A retails for $550. The “Dark Gray” GMB2100BD-1A and “Copper”  GMB2100GD-5A model will retails for $600. G-Shock

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