G-Shock Upgrades A Crowd Favorite With The New GAB2100

Recently, G-Shock announced that they are adding a new series of watches dubbed the GAB2100 to their Analog-Digital collection. This new series will look familiar as the watch is based on the GA2100, a fan favorite within the watch community (And at the time, difficult to obtain due to high demand) for its octagonal silhouette, stealthy cool appearance and bang for your buck value. The new GAB2100 series gets a couple technical upgrades and a few splashy color options while still keeping much of the same features that made the GA2100 a beloved watch.

On the surface, the GAB2100 looks similar to its predecessor. The LCD display responsible for displaying multiple timing functions can still be found in the bottom right quadrant of the dial. The hours are still displayed via applied block markers that create a sense of depth between the mineral crystal and dial. Examining the dial more closely however, there are a couple of subtle changes that differentiate the GAB2100 from the GA2100. The subdial is now a display for the feature-in-use which include the World Time, Alarm, Bluetooth and Power Level, as opposed to a day indicator. The dial also replaces the ‘WR 20 BAR’ at three o’clock with the ‘Tough Solar’ and ‘Bluetooth’ insignias, displaying the two brand new features added on to the GAB2100.


The GAB2100 is now equipped with bluetooth capability allowing the watch to connect directly to your smartphone through the Casio Watches App. Keeping track of accurate time during your travels abroad should be easier with this feature, as it automatically corrects the time through your smartphone. Checking the time back home is uncomplicated, being a push of a button away. The GAB2100 also houses G-Shock’s proprietary Tough Solar technology. Thanks to the durable solar panel located on the dial, the GAB2100 is set to keep running indefinitely as long as it sees the light of day.

For those who haven’t had experience owning or handling the GA2100, one attractive trait is how surprisingly easy and slim it wears on wrist despite the larger case dimensions. The GAB2100 should wear similarly as the 48.5 mm case width, 45.4 mm lug to lug and 11.9 mm case thickness (0.1 mm thicker than the GA2100, but who’s counting that?) remain the same. Let me not forget to mention that the watch is unexpectedly lightweight, coming in at 52 grams and we can thank G-Shock’s Carbon Core Guard Structure for that.

The GAB2100 comes in four different colorways: Black, Navy and Green priced at $150. The other available option is a punchy Yellow and retails for $160. The GAB2100 is available for pre-order online and has an estimated release date of June 7th. G-Shock

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