Recapping 2019: Our 10 Favorite Watch Reviews of the Year

2019 was another solid year in watches, and more than a fair share of excellent timepieces made their way across our desks at Worn & Wound HQ this year. As we move closer to the new year, we wanted to take a look back at 10 of our favorite reviews from the past 12 months. And so, in no particular order, here we go.

Christopher Ward – Military Collection

Christopher Ward had a year full of great releases, and the Military Collection was among their most ambitious projects. Each watch is based on a classic military issued timepiece, with some key modern updates. Ed Jelley went hands on with the whole collection, and wrote about it earlier this month.

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Farer – Bernina Hand-Wound Chronograph

At first, Farer’s Bernina Hand-Wound Chronograph might be a tough proposition to some, with its dramatic white dial and bezel, and liberal use of red. But ultimately it’s the quirkiness and exotic nature of the design that draws you in. Enjoy this deep dive into Farer’s most unusual chronograph. 

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Timex – Q

The Q, by Timex, may have been the most viral watch hit of the year. Whether it was the summertime release, the affordable price point, or the throwback 80s style, Timex hit just the right notes here, and created what amounted to a genuine watch world phenomenon.

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Tudor – Black Bay Fifty-Eight

The Black Bay Fifty-Eight has been in high demand since its release, and it’s crystal clear why. If you want the look and feel of a vintage Sub, but don’t have the substantial coin needed to get there, it’s a more than suitable substitute. But it also stands on its own, and this review goes in depth as to why.

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Grand Seiko – Elegance GMT Ref. SBGM221

The Grand Seiko SGBM221 is a classic, dressy GMT. It looks simple enough on first glance, but a deeper look reveals tons of details that reward careful review and consideration. This review takes a close look at the exceptional case finishing, the wearing experience, and the impressive mechanical GMT caliber beating away inside.

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G-Shock – GA-2100-4A

The G-Shock GA-2100 is perhaps the second biggest budget watch sensation of the year, behind only the aforementioned Timex Q. This G-Shock gives you a flavor of something much, much pricier, and offers something genuinely new and interesting in the G-Shock line as well. 

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Monta – Atlas GMT

This was another big year for GMT watches, and Monta had one of our favorites in the Atlas. The finishing of Monta’s cases rivals big brands that cost many times the Atlas’s retail price, and in his review Ed breaks down all of the little touches in great detail. 

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Tudor – Black Bay Chrono Steel & Gold

Two-tone watches have been on their way back for a few years now, and Tudor’s Black Bay Chrono Steel & Gold is a compelling entry in an increasingly crowded subgenre of sports watches. This particular watch strikes a nice balance, using gold as an accent, rather than the main attraction.

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Sinn – 104 I St Sa Matte SE

The Sinn 104 is an enthusiast favorite for its tough as nails build quality and classic tool watch styling. The special edition reviewed here is essentially a normal 104 but dialed up to 11. Or maybe it’s dialed way down? It depends on your perspective. Either way, we’re fans of this minimalist, bead blasted 104.

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If you choose to, you can view the watch landscape as being filled with derivative designs, built by the lowest bidders, with a lack of care and attention. But one look at what Vero is doing, and you realize that it’s actually not too hard to find brands committed to the exact opposite. The SW is a favorite for its original design, and the high quality of workmanship that goes into building each and every watch, right here in America. Check out the review for thoughts on the watch, as well as a video log of our trip to Vero HQ in Oregon. 

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