Return To Form: Seiko Introduces an Ensemble of 36mm Field Watches with New Addition to 5 Sports Collection

Given the endless amount of watches Seiko offers throughout their various collections and sub-collections, there’s a sure-fire chance that there’s a Seiko for you. But on the rare occasion there isn’t a Seiko that checks all the boxes, then all I can say is, just give it some time, because Seiko has a knack for giving us what we want if we’re patient enough. Whether it’s a different dial color for a particular reference, a change in date window placement (or window shape), or an affordable (Dive) GMT, Seiko has pretty much answered the bell, making the exact watch we’ve described thoroughly in the Instagram comments of a watch that jussssst missed the mark.

The newly announced Seiko 5 Sports Mid-Field Collection follows this exact theme. The current line of field watches within the Seiko 5 Sports catalog include a wide variety of dial colors and variations. However as currently presented, every model within that range comes with a stainless steel case that hovers a touch north of 39mm in width. That’s not a slight to this particular model by any means. It’s a simple, straightforward field watch that has a retail sticker that no one can really argue with. I currently own our Worn & Wound 10th year anniversary limited edition with Seiko that uses this exact case and dial platform. My only nit that I have to pick with the watch is that I wish it came in a more compact package. And then yet again, Seiko answered the call, as if they had been reading my mind this whole time.


The Seiko 5 Sports Mid-Field Collection almost returns to its original SNK083 form. The SNK083 came in a tightly packaged case that measured 37mm in width and 43mm in lug to lug – as close as you can get to perfect proportions if you ask me. The new range of field watches added to the mix hit the sweet spot in terms of how a traditional field watch should be encased. Still in stainless steel, and a crown positioned at three, the new Seiko 5 Sports Mid-Field Collection comes constructed in a case that measures 36.4mm in width, 44.4mm lug to lug, and 12.5mm from crystal to caseback. Like I said, this totally hits the sweet spot. Any sort of field watch with a fixed steel bezel will always look the best at or around these proportions and I’ll always stick by that. Just look at the Hamilton Khaki, CWC G10, or the Rolex Explorer (not including the reference 214270). All classics. All thirty-six.

Out of the bunch, we have two different dial variations. The first batch is made up of the SRPJ81, SRPJ83, and the SRPJ85. The dial layout is what you would expect from your standard field watch – large Arabic numerals for hour markers, a second set of small numerals completing the 24 hour display, and in this case, a day-date function. The SRPJ81 comes with a conservative black dial and white accents, while the SRPJ83 leans into the dial colorway of the OG SNK083 with a sandy toned dial. The SRPJ85 gets a texturized black dial with a dose of faux-patina treatment within the hour markers and handset.

The SRPJ87 and SRPJ89 use the “navigator” dial layout. Once again, there are numerals that encircle the dial, but instead of your conventional one to twelve, you get the minutes/seconds in intervals of five as the main numeral display, with the one to twelve relegated to the inner ring. Both take their respective colors, the SRPJ87 in champagne and the SRPJ889 in emerald green, and amplify the dial even more with a sunburst effect.

I’m sure that many of you are applauding the decision to go down in size. I’m one of them. When I break down a field watch visually, I just like how the dial looks more proportional in regards to how the markers are spread out and how it visually integrates with the case. Moreover, on my 6.25 inch wrist, 36mm is essentially the perfect size. It looks balanced, and overall fits the vibe of a field watch, in my opinion. All five models contain the Seiko’s 4R36 automatic calbre movement which comes with your typical hacking, day-date function, approximately 40 hours of power reserve. In addition to that, all the watches come equipped with 100 meters of water resistance, LumiBrite filled hands and indices, and an 18mm lug width which makes the proportions of the case all the more balanced.

The Seiko 5 Sports Mid-Field Collection is currently available online through Seiko’s International platforms which means that for all of us state-side, we’re going to have to wait a bit until these hit our borders, or just flat out buy the watch through Seiko International. After the conversion, the Seiko 5 Sports Mid-Field Collection roughly retails for $277. Seiko

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