Rugged and Hard-Wearing—Why We Love the Model 2 Classic in the Worn & Wound Shop

Wickett & Craig is a a fantastic American tannery known for producing hard-wearing, vegetable-tanned leathers. Their stuff is strong—real strong—and it’s often used in the production of cowboy boots, horse saddles, belts, bags, you name it. And that’s why in 2016, we decided that we were going to used Wickett & Craig leather for our Model 2 Classic line. We wanted to craft durable, long-lasting straps that look and feel great on the wrist, and Wickett & Craig made sure all of that was possible.

Model 2 Classic in our rich Amber leather, featured here on a Sinn 156 chronograph.

There are currently four distinct leathers in the Model 2 collection: Black, Amber, Mahogany, and Wheat. Black is a rich, deep black dyed all the way through; Amber and Mahogany are two stunning pull-up leathers, the former with dynamic, warm undertones; and Wheat is our blank slate that will age and develop a beautiful patina the more you wear it.


All Model 2 Classic straps are $70 and are constructed right here in New York City. Shop here

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