Seiko 5 Sports Adds a Pair of Limited Editions Peanuts Themed Watches to the Collection to Celebrate their Anniversary

If you continue to miss out on the ultra popular and still incredibly difficult to track down Silver Snoopy Speedmaster that Omega released in 2020 to an incredible level of hysteria, Seiko has what will certainly be a more affordable and (probably) easier to find pair of limited editions coming that might scratch that Snoopy itch. The latest Seiko 5 Sports limited editions are both Snoopy themed, and capture a lot of the charm from the original comics in subtle ways. 

The new watches use the smaller Seiko 5 Sports platforms, the 38mm case size with a dive bezel, and the 36mm field watch style case without a bezel. Each has a white dial with graphics pulled right from the comic. The larger dive style watch has an image of Snoopy with a surfboard (with the words “Seiko 5 Sports” printed on in).The smaller watch features Snoopy and Woodstock negotiating a parachute. 

These watches are being released as part of this year’s 55th anniversary celebration of the Seiko 5 Sports imprint. Accordingly, the artwork for the new watches was pulled from Peanuts comics dating to 1968, Seiko 5 Sports’ first year. That extends to the casebacks as well, which both feature larger images from the comics along with a “Limited Edition” designation. My personal favorite tribute to the original comics in these watches though is the use of the ‘Schulz’ font for the numerals on each piece. Along with the artwork, it makes these watches feel more grounded in their original comic strip roots, and is a nice Easter egg for serious Peanuts aficionados and collectors. 

In terms of specs, these watches fall right in line with other recent Seiko 5 Sports releases. That means we get 100 meters of water resistance on each reference, push/pull crowns, hardlex crystals, and the 4R36 movement. The watches both ship on a leather strap, but also include an additional NATO style strap. 

At press time, availability appears limited to markets outside of the United States, but pre-orders listing a June delivery date are open at several well known international retailers. The retail price for the “Surfboard” model is £350, and is limited to 8,900 pieces. The “Parachute” reference is priced at £330 and is a limited edition of 6,500. Seiko 5 Sports

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