Seiko Makes the Coolest Rube Goldberg Machine In Their Latest Ad

Seiko’s creativity and ingenuity is often understated, and sometimes it’s as if the brand is speaking directly to the WIS audience rather than the market at large. That’s certainly the case with their latest JDM ad, “Art of Time.”

Though in Japanese—with music written by Seiko Group CEO Shinji Hattori, lyrics submitted by Seiko’s employees, and performed by Japanese vocalist Etsuko Yakushimaru—the video needs no translation. It showcases a complex Rube Goldberg machine built from nearly 1,200 watch parts, from the tiniest movement components to the cases themselves, with the contraption manipulated along the way by three of Seiko’s watchmakers. It’s eye candy for the watch lover.

The production took nearly three days to film and required fifteen takes to get right, with the entire project spanning an entire year from inception to the final take. There’s also an accompanying video showing some great behind-the-scenes footage of the production. Enjoy!

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