Seiko Reconnects with Rowing Blazers, Once Again Colliding the Worlds of Sport Watches and Contemporary Apparel

Collaborations that cross different industries provide an opportunity for brands to create something that wouldn’t normally exist within their normal production range. And when it’s done correctly, it tastefully blends the unique qualities of the two. A perfect example was the Seiko collaboration with American apparel brand Rowing Blazers from last year. The combination of Rowing Blazers’ playful use of patterns and colors paired with the classic look of a Seiko diver had the entire watch community (and many others out of our little world) buzzing. It was only a matter of time until Jack Carlson, founder of Rowing Blazers, and vintage watch connoisseur, Eric Wind, got back together to work on their second collaboration with Seiko. This time however, they’ve turned their sights onto the dial of a familiar steel Seiko sports watch with a fixed bezel from the 1970’s.

It’s hard to pin-point what exactly is the style of Rowing Blazers. There’s subtle influences of streetwear, prep, oxbridge-style and various sports including basketball, rugby, skiing and rowing (obviously). And if that doesn’t separate the brand from others attempting to do the same, then it’s their bold use of colors and patterns that puts them into another category completely. The Rowing Blazers aesthetic and style is clearly apparent in this second collaboration run. The modern Seiko used for the Rowing Blazers x Seiko 5 Sports draws inspiration from Jack Carlson’s 1970’s cushioned-cased Seiko 6106-7107 adorned with a saturated orange dial.


The Rowing Blazers x Seiko 5 Sports offers four different dial colors and variations, including an orange dial SRPJ57 that harkens back to Carlson’s vintage Seiko. The other colored dials include the Lime Green SRPJ59 and the Sky Blue SRPJ61. These three vibrant dials sport black square markers with a polished “T” just like the Seiko 6106. The SRPJ63 does the reverse, using a black dial as the backdrop for its multicolored hour markers. The color scheme here takes after Rowing Blazers’ signature “croque stripe” seen on their rugbys, cricket sweaters and accessories. Other design touches that carry over from the previous collaboration are the candy cane seconds hands and the Rowing Blazers Tempus Fugit (translates to Time Flies) skeleton logo on the caseback.

Seiko’s presence is still felt through their stainless steel case, four o’clock frown nestled between a pair of crown guards, and Seiko hands. Responsible for keeping time is the Seiko 4R36 automatic movement equipped with 24 jewels, 21,600 vph, and 41 hours of power reserve. Essentially what we’re getting here with the Rowing Blazers x Seiko 5 Sports is a straightforward no-fuss Seiko that took a trip to 8 Rivington Street, and came out with a bag (or two) of R.B. gear. If you have a tough time visualizing that, then just take a look at the crazy color strap options that come along with each model.

Out of the four models, I’m leaning towards the black dial (surprise, surprise). The color hour markers are just enough flare for me, and to be honest, the SRPJ63 gives off a gem-set vibe. The SRPJXX 40mm case has more appeal as an everyday wearer, as opposed to the larger cushion case Seiko 6106 from which this collab draws inspiration from, so good on the Carlson, Wind, and Seiko for recognizing that. I’m a big fan of seeing more collaborations like this. I get asked a bunch about how the watch industry evolves from its traditional design and culture, and truthfully, THIS is how. Collaboration leads to outside-the-box thinking and as a result, in my opinion at least, leads to original design, a sense of refreshment, and potential new enthusiasts that wouldn’t have otherwise given watches a second thought.

The Rowing Blazers x Seiko 5 Sports is set to launch tomorrow, October 28th at 11 AM, each watch is limited to 888 pieces, and comes with a price tag of $495. The second collaboration is going to be available online at Rowing Blazers, Seiko USA, and other select retailers including R.B.’s flagship store in NYC. Rowing Blazers x Seiko

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