Seiko Reveals New, Trimmer King Seiko References

Seiko is continuing to refine their modern King Seiko collection with a series of iterations seen in a pair of new references: the SJE089, and the SJE091. The evolution may not be visible at a glance, but a closer look reveals a new date-equipped movement at use, a slimmer case, and a slightly altered profile, all done in the service of ergonomics. The result is a new King Seiko that measures just 10.7mm in thickness, shaving a few tenths off the first releases we saw in 2022, while adding a date complication at the same time. Overall the design is still heavily referential to the original 1965 King Seiko KSK, which has a special place in Seiko history that you can read more about in our introduction of the 2020 LE that set the template for the modern references we enjoy today. 

The new King Seiko references bring a date back to the dial at 3 o’clock thanks to the caliber 6L35 inside, which is making its first appearance in the main King Seiko collection. This is the most notable difference from the initial SPB King Seiko references launched last year, which used the 6R31 movement. The SJE references land a bit closer to the original as a result, and remain relatively demure with the same silver and black dial options.


The case is what really deserves a closer inspection here. It remains steel and measures 38.6mm in diameter, however features a new trimmer lug profile that integrates a bit more seamlessly to the case via the large, flat surfaces that define its shape. The faceted lugs are split by a mirror polish surface, creating a geometric design that shifts depending on the viewing angle. From the side, you’ll also notice a revised box crystal that’s been cut down in size, which helps account for some of that reduced thickness. 

Overall these are subtle but welcome additions to the slowly growing King Seiko collection that lay another bit of the foundation for where these watches are going. I’d fully expect additional dial options in the future that put the new case to further use, as well as anniversary limited editions as we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. I’m still partial to LE released earlier this year with the tiled geometric dial seen in this batch of releases

The new King Seiko references are being offered on steel bracelets, and each will be priced at $3,300. That’s a considerable jump from the $1,700 price of the SPB King Seiko references, but the overall polish and design upgrades to the case, along with the 6L35 movement may be worth it to some collectors. Seiko.

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