Seiko Says Goodbye to Four Iconic Watches—SARB017, SARB033, SARB035, and SBDX017

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. According to Seiya Japan, one of the most trusted online sources for buying JDM Seiko watches, Seiko has announced that they are discontinuing production of the ever-popular SARB017, SARB033, SARB035, and SBDX017.

A quick note on the SARB017 Alpinist. It’s one hell of a timepiece—from the stunning green dial to the workhorse caliber within—and it’s exemplary of the type of watchmaking that’s made Seiko the brand of choice for many enthusiasts.

The Alpinist via @combomaster.

As to why Seiko’s saying goodbye to these beloved models, the reason may be as simple as they’ve had their day in the sun. The SARB017 was first released in 2007, and the SARB033 and 035 were made available the following year. That’s quite a run for this trio.

Another reason may be reflective of what we’ve seen from Seiko over the last couple of years. The firm has been making a bigger push into the US market, and to that end they’ve made available lines and watches that were once JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) only. That’s been the case with the Presage series, which is now home to the beloved SRPB43 “Cocktail Time,” a watch that just a few years ago was only available in Japan under the SARB line as the SARB065. There’s a possibility that we’ll see more SARB watches make their way into the Presage series as Seiko cleans house. Again, this is pure speculation, but not outside the realm of possibility.Either way, these watches are still readily available, so you have some time to get them before they go the way of the dodo.

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