Sinn Adds new U50 and 103 Models (Hands-on Photos)

Along with a quartet of colorful 556is and the stealthy EZM 1.1S, Sinn added new watches to two of their other beloved lines, the relatively new and wildly popular U50, and the stalwart 103. Nothing too groundbreaking here, but for fans of the two lines (of which there are many), certainly worth checking out.

The U50 was probably Sinn’s most popular release in as long as I’ve been writing about them. An instant hit, its scaled-down size but uncompromised toughness was the right watch for the moment. They sold fast, and have continued to be popular. But in the two years since their launch, Sinn only added one new variant to the line, a limited edition with a mother of pearl dial. Not exactly the most mainstream combination for a tool watch, but having now seen one in person, actually pretty cool.


For 2022, at least so far, Sinn is adding yet one more model, the U50 S BS, which is likely going to be a bit more to the tastes of Sinn’s core fans. All black and tegimented for near scratch-proof surfaces, the big change here is the dial, which has been rendered in a blue to black fade. A fairly trendy treatment at the moment, it works very well in this setting. The blue at the center is bright and attractive, and the black at the edge fades into the dark case, creating an appealing transition.


The large, white block hands and markers are still easily read against the surface, maintaining the legibility expected on a diver. Lastly, the bright pops of red have been eliminated and replaced with black or gray for a more subdued overall appearance. The Sinn U50 S BS is $3,310 and limited to 500 pieces.

The 103s are the true, core Sinn pilot’s chronos. A direct descendant of one of the first Sinn watches, from the case to the dial, there is a classic, timeless feel. Over the years, Sinn has released many, many different versions of the 103, including several titanium versions, which makes this next watch a bit odd as a new release, the 103 Ti Ar. It’s not really “new” so much as a return after a several-year hiatus, and man, it looks good.

The 103 Ti Ar features a bead blasted titanium case, pump pushers, countdown bezel, sapphire crystal, and Ar-Dehumidfiying technology. Once again, these are features the 103 had before. What’s different is that it now features the Concepto C99001, a Swiss-made ETA / Selitta alternative that Sinn introduced into their watches a couple of years ago. And beyond that, it’s just great looking.

The bead-blasted titanium adds a dark, almost vintage character to the watch, and reduces the weight significantly. Meanwhile, the dial, which is in its pure form with white markers and hands, and pale green lume, is accented by the dark red Ar symbol for a mil-spec, or perhaps mission timer, appeal. It’s been a while since I’ve seen one and trying it on again, it just clicks. The Sinn 103 Ti Ar is $2,930 on a strap and $3,290 on a full Ti bracelet. Sinn

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