Sinn Celebrates 25 Years Of Mission Timers With New EZM1.1 S

It’s been 25 years since the now iconic (yes, I’m giving it that word) Sinn EZM1 was first introduced. The watch set the template for what would become Sinn’s most capable collection of tool watches, and has since become the subject of many a tool watch collector’s fascination.  We’ll get the full story of this watch in an upcoming missed review with the original, suffice to say that Sinn released a second version of the watch in the EZM1.1 in 2017. The follow up made a few changes to the original, most notably growing from 40mm to 43mm in diameter, and using modern movement instead of the Lemania 5100 that appeared in the original. For the 25th anniversary of the EZM1, Sinn is bringing back the EZM1.1 for another limited edition round, this time, in black. 

The newest model, dubbed the EZM1.1 S, will be limited to 500 units, just as the first edition was back in 2017. The design remains largely unchanged, meaning the same centrally mounted timing hands stacked atop one another, a date under 3 o’clock, and a countdown bidirectional bezel. All of this placed within a new hard coated black Tegimented case with Ar dehumidifying capsule in the lug, and crown and pusher placement at the left.


It should come as no surprise that the design holds up well dressed in black, however there is no bracelet option this time around. The watch is being offered on a brown leather strap with commemorative insert, and a black, EZM1.1 signed rubber unit. A black tegimented bracelet is in the works, according to Sinn, with availability expected late this year or early next.

The new black case measures the same 43mm in diameter and 16.4mm in thickness, with a 22mm lug span. The wearability of the 40mm original has been sacrificed for an overall more robust package that prioritizes the ‘mission ready’ nature of the design. It’s still as cool as ever, but that allure we see in the first examples isn’t quite present in the same way. In a way, each of the subsequent 1.1 releases have made the initial EZM1 all the more special.

Inside, Sinn is using the SZ01 automatic chronograph movement, which is a Concepto C99001 base. Alterations have been made to run the timing functions from the central hand stack, with the seconds and minute timing hands mounted along with the regular hour and minute hand. Still no running seconds hand in sight.

The EZM1.1 S is a fitting tribute to 25 years of mission timers, and owning one will cost $5,470. The original 1.1 hit ‘collectible’ status rather quickly after release and we suspect it will be the same story here with the 500 examples planned for production. Keep an eye out for more EZM1 content coming soon. Sinn.

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