Spinnaker’s New Hass Diver is Colorful, Fun, Affordable, and Comes in at Less than $500

Over the years, we’ve often talked about how one of our greatest watch industry wishes was that brands would embrace color. For years it was downright unusual to see mass produced watches in anything other than the black, white, and blue staples. Sure, there were reds and greens and yellows out there if you went and looked for them, but they were rarely part of the standard set of options that you’d find if you were picking out a core model from a favorite brand. This year, a slew of brands have suddenly found some colorful inspiration. From the Sinn 556i that we told you about back in March to the new crop Christopher Ward C63 Sealanders that hit back in July, we’ve seen an influx of simple watches with fun, brightly colored dials, and the new Spinnaker Hass is following suit. 


The Hass is a dive watch that’s being presented as a robust, everyday tool in a fun, vibrant selection of colorways that we might not always think of as “tool first” choices. While there are two black dialed options in the collection, they are accented with an almost fluorescent tone of blue or a sharp shade of orange, so these otherwise traditional dial options get a pass. The rest of the collection features yellow, blue, and green dials, with the yellow option really standing out. Yellow accents are carried to the black bezel, and the contrast is appealing and legibility appears to be on the mark as well. Small details have been considered from variant to variant. The bezel on the “Azure Blue” version matches the dial, for example, while the “Kelp Green” watch has a bezel in a smokey shade of gray that is a better complement to the verdant tone of the dial. 

All of the Hass watches feature 43mm stainless steel cases and measure about 16mm tall. With that size comes a watch with genuinely robust specs, as this will go to 300 meters deep if you need it to. The watches are powered by Seiko produced NH16 automatic movements which feature a day and date complication at 3:00. 

The coolest feature of this watch is probably the bezel, which features both timing and countdown tracks. This certainly adds a layer of versatility to the watch, and makes one wonder why we don’t see more bezels with this type of design. The bezels are said to have “stainless steel plating,” so we’re not quite sure what the insert is made from or how it presents in person, but it appears to have a nice matte quality to it in the provided Spinnaker photos. 

The entire Hass collection is available now on the Spinnaker website. Each watch carries a retail price of $445, making this an affordable way to work some color into your dive watch rotation. Spinnaker

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