Strike a Pose, the w&w Pose


Since the start of worn&wound, when reviewing a watch I’ve always included a wrist shot or two. Though I’ve tried a couple of styles of shot, the one I’ve found looks the best and gets the most across has been to cross my right leg over my left knee, and place my watch adorned left hand just above my ankle. This way, not only do you see the size of the watch on my wrist, but also how it looks with a cross section of clothing.

Well, apparently this pose (which takes some practice to shoot well, as my camera is suspended out in front of me held in hand, and I’m using the flip-out LCD of my DSLR to frame it) has become the signature worn&wound pose. So much so, that there is a whole thread over on WUS of watch wearing gentleman showing their “worn&wound pose”! Now, I have to say, while I disagree that “it’s ‘I’ve got max hipster style in my watch, shirt, jeans, shoes…'” I am very flattered that such a thread exists. If for no other reason, worn&wound has officially left its mark on the world.

So, if you’re so inclined, I think you too should head over, strike a pose and post it to the thread, as well as in the comments below! Thread: Show us your Worn and Wound Pose!

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