SWATCH Dials Back The Clock With New 1984 Collection

SWATCH Watches are at their best when they are loud, vibrant, and a bit edgy (unironically). All qualities shared by the ‘80s, incidentally, and SWATCH is capitalizing on that fact with a new collection rendered in Bioceramic. The 1984 Reloaded Collection comprises 5 new references, each sporting a unique color and dial design that reference visual themes and original SWATCH watch designs of the era. Coming just a year into the brand’s history, 1984 represented a foundational period that wasn’t shy on personality, setting a tone that reverberates as strongly today as it did back then. 

Beginning with the Yellow Racer, this collection kicks off with a bang. While they claim this one is inspired by “high powered vehicles like race cars and helicopters” I get more of a Vegas vibe with the roulette wheel-esque dial design. The black center section is joined by red and green sections that narrow at the perimeter. The yellow case and band is borderline pastel in saturation levels ensuring it doesn’t compete with the bright primary colors on the dial. The Yellow Racer measures 34mm in diameter.


Next, the Black Divers watch builds on well established archetypes of the dive watch genre with prominent hour markers and a wider hand set. There’s no bezel, and you’ll only get 30m of water resistance, but it does have well lumed hands and a day/date complication so it’s plenty practical for everyday casual wear. The Black Divers is offered in a 41mm matte black case. 

Inspired by precision timing instruments, the Chrono-Tech pairs a black and white gauge-like dial with a black 41mm case and bright red strap. A red, blue and yellow handset brings a huge level of personality to an otherwise sterile feeling dial layout, with Arabic numerals representing each hour, including a 24 hour scale at the dial’s center. 

Finally, a pair of Memphis design watches in Grey and White. These watches bring the bold color blocking and patterns that represent the mid ‘80s to life brilliantly. Muted case and strap colors frame the era-specific dials for maximum effect, and will have you digging through your clothes for that sweet wind breaker that got your mom or dad through high school. The White Memphis is offered in a 34mm case, while the Grey Memphis gets the 41mm option. 

Each of the 41mm watches are available for $90, while the smaller 34mm cases are priced at $80. A box set containing both Memphis watches is also available for $165. The watches can be bought now directly from the brand, so get your favorite mixed tape ready and head over to SWATCH for more details.

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