The 3 Watch Collection for $5,000: Reader Edition – Aleksandar Marjanovic

Editor’s Note: In this edition of The Three Watch Collection for $5,000, reader Aleksandar Marjanovic (@satornjanac on Instagram, definitely worth a follow) shares his no nonsense approach to a proper tool watch collection. He goes all in on the concept and comes with a proper 3 watch collection fit for the most active among us. 

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I imagine this 3 piece collection as toolbox, that contains proper tool watches to have fun with. Some say that the Black Bay 58 is not a proper tool watch but a luxury item, I wouldn’t agree. The Roots of this watch are very strong as a tool watch. From the Tudor Submariner from the 50s to the Marine National versions, they are intended to be proper tool Watches. A working man’s Rolex. And it shouldn’t be used just for board meetings or sitting on the couch watching tv. Give it few scratches here and there. You will have a lot of fun with it down the road.


Tudor Black Bay 58 (Black or Blue) – ~$4,000

What can we say more about this watch that has not been said? Modern interpretation of Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner with COSC certification, and a movement with 70 hours power reserve. Packed in a 39mm case, with lug to lug of 47mm, this wears as a bigger watch. It is a relatively ‘cheap’ high end watch to be day to day companion on adventures, whether that be photographing cliffs and surfers in Portugal, driving defender to Reynisfjara on Iceland or simply sipping white wine in a fine French restaurant on the narrow streets of Naxos. Also, it is great with hiking outfit, or a suit. Who says that just Mr. Bond can wear a dive watch with a tuxedo? And did I mention that this watch is a strap monster?

Seiko King Turtle SRPE03K1 – ~$650

But if you are too afraid to wear a Tudor BB58 while chopping wood for your fireplace or running in front of bulls in Pamplona, the solution is in a proper tool watch from Seiko. With the diameter of 45mm and height of 13mm are the same measurements of the original Turtle, with lug to lug of 48mm, it wears pretty well. With 4R36 movement with 40 hours power reserve, 200m water resistance and sapphire crystal on metal bracelet it is built like a tank, and it will survive almost everything you throw on it. If you look beyond possible misalignment that can be seen on some King Turtles you can have a lot of fun with this watch.

G-Shock GW-5610-1 – ~$140

If you wanna be low key there is nothing like G-Shock’s square design from the 80s. Maybe that is the reason it looks great with a denim jacket and Ray-Ban aviator glasses. It is great for a summer day on the beach while you play volleyball or when you hit the gym and don’t want to damage your mechanical watches. Tool smartwatch with solar battery, 4 alarms and timer and another timezone, it is probably the cheapest gmt watch you can buy. With a weight of around 50g you will forget you even have a watch on your wrist.

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