The First Watch in Furlan Marri’s New “Editions” Series is Part of the Time+Tide Ten Year Anniversary Celebration

As Griffin mentioned in his recent write up of the new Studio Underd0g release, our friends at Time+Tide are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year. A major part of the festivities for the Australian watch website centers around the opening of their Watch Discovery Studio in Melbourne. The space is envisioned as a place to go hands-on with new watches from both independent and classic brands, all curated by the Time+Tide team. It’ll also be the home of new product launches and other watch community events, and there are plans to expand to London later this year. It’s an exciting concept, and serves as a starting point for an entirely new type of release from one of our favorite independents, Furlan Marri. The debut in their new Furlan Marri Editions line is tied exclusively to Time+Tide’s retail outlet, but in a twist, they’ll also be giving the general public a shot at the new watch as well. 


Furlan Mari Editions releases are conceived as special boutique editions geared toward collectors and enthusiasts. Like other boutique editions, they’ll be available exclusively at a dedicated point of sale. In this case, the Furlan Marri x Time+Tide Outback Elegy will be sold exclusively at the Time+Tide retail location in Melbourne, and later London. But in addition to being sold in these brick and mortar environments, Furlan Marri has elected to also make these releases available to the general public once a year, for a limited time. This way, dedicated fans can still have a chance to purchase these watches directly – it’ll just take a little planning, and perhaps some luck (the batches made available for these drops will be limited). 

We’ll return to the specifics of the Outback Elegy’s availability in a moment, but for now let’s focus on the watch. It’s part of Furlan Marri’s larger collection of three-handers, featuring an automatic movement made by La Joux-Perret and a tidy 37.5mm case measuring 10.5mm thick. For this edition, Furlan Marri is sticking with the sector dial format that has served them well since the brand’s inception, but with a dusty brown colorway that evokes the unique natural landscape of Australia’s outback. The dial has a finely grained texture that’s achieved through a stamping process. Roman numerals are applied to give the dial a sense of depth, and a double printing process is used in the outer minute and hour tracks to further enhance the effect. 

It’s a very nice looking dial, and is mated to a case that is deceptively complex. The dramatic horn shaped lugs are attached to the case separately via a bridge that can be seen at 6:00 and 12:00, engraved with the model’s serial number and production number. Attaching the lugs to the case separately is an old-fashioned way to make a watch, even if this particular method is quite contemporary. The bezel is also an entirely separate piece, and the finishing is meant to subtly highlight the case’s complex structure. As we can attest from seeing other executions of the Furlan Marri three-hander, the level of finishing is incredibly good for a watch at this price point, something we’ve been saying about this brand’s releases from the beginning

Back to this watch’s unique distribution model: Furlan Marri will make limited quantities of the Outback Elegy available for purchase via their website on January 24 at 3:00 PM eastern time. This window will be open for 24 hours, but Furlan Marri warns that they may sell out before the end of this pre-sale period. If you miss out during this 24 hour pre-sale, an additional limited batch will be made available on Furlan Marri’s website a few weeks later. From then on, the Outback Elegy will be available exclusively via Time+Tide’s physical boutiques. 

The retail price is set at CHF 1500. Furlan Marri x Time+Tide

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