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Furlan Marri Introduces a Trio of Chronographs in their Permanent Collection

If you head over to Furlan Marri’s website right now and view their chronograph selection, …
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The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 249: A Roundup of Recent June Releases

This week on the Worn & Wound podcast, Blake, Kat, and Thomas get on the mic to discuss some recent Worn & Wound content, a …
Article | Hands-On

Furlan Marri Goes Automatic For Sophomore Release In All-New 2116-A

Last year, a small brand by the name of Furlan Marri stormed the watch enthusiast world with their initial release, a meca-quartz chronograph with spot …
Review | Hands-On

Hands on with the Furlan Marri “Havana Salmon”

Sooner or later, unless you made out like a bandit with GME, we all come to the same conclusion: owning a Patek Philippe 1463 is …