Unimatic Embraces Titanium In New Collab With Lorenzi In The Modello Due U2S-T-L

Unimatic is returning to their Model 2, or Modello Due, with some very welcome updates, not the least of which is a fully titanium case. As handsome as Unimatic’s field watch has always been, one consistent complaint about the watch has been its size (shape, really) and heft, creating a somewhat awkward experience on the wrist. This latest limited edition collaboration with Lorenzi addresses those issues not only with a lighter material, but also a thinner case. It wasn’t so much the numbers that were problematic, but rather the wearability. The U2S-T-L is a promising step in a new direction for the Model 2, and one that we hope to see more of. 

The UNIMATIC x Lorenzi Modello Due ref. U2S-T-L features a deep green dial and keeps the design relatively simple. A horizontal hour bar resides at 6 o’clock, and all branding and labeling is relegated to the bottom half of the dial in favor of a sterile top section. It’s a straightforward design that maximizes legibility through stark white hands and hour plots, all filled with C1 lume.


The real story here is the new case, though. Just 99 examples of this collab have been produced and they will likely sell out quickly. However, the new case design and material are features we hope to see carried into future references of the Model 2. The titanium construction means a 31% lighter case, and the total thickness has been trimmed for 13.7mm to 11.6mm. These numbers represent a massive shift for this watch and place it firmly into everyday wearable territory. On paper, that is. 

The shape of the underside of the case of the Model 2 curves away from the wrist, and  always created wearability issues with the original references. This LE looks to have a similar bow shape to the underside, however it’s far less exaggerated here. If this is a watch you’ve always been on the fence about because of that feature, now might be a good time to start paying attention to future releases. The case itself remains 38mm in diameter. 

The use of titanium here is also a first for Unimatic. None of their watches have been shy on heft so the use of a new lighter material should balance that out, and again, hopefully this is a trend that follows on future references across their entire model range. 

Finally, one quieter change made here is the shift from a Seiko NH35 movement to a Sellita SW200 unit. Overall these add up to a welcome slate of changes that could lead into a new chapter for the Italian brand. More from Unimatic.

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