Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Red Watches


Well…here it comes again. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is approaching. And with it comes a plethora of lists of knick-knacks painted red for the occasion. Well, who are we to fight tradition? More importantly, who are we to turn down a great opportunity to put together a list of red watches for you to give to someone else, or just buy for yourself. Sure, a red watch might seem absurd, but as I can tell you from experience (I own a Nixon Time Teller P in Red, which is featured below) a red watch can be a great addition to your collection. Not so much as a daily watch, but rather one you wear to a party or other fun event. Honestly, I have not gotten as many comments and compliments on a watch as I have on my Nixon. So, without further adieu, here is worn&wound’s list of affordable, unisex (mostly) and awesome red watches.

O’Clock Tone on Tone Red $39.95
35mm, Quartz
There is a trend in the world of inexpensive quartz watches to make modular, chunky, silicone and plastic watches that like the pop-Swatches of the 90’s can be plugged into different straps. Though the idea of changing the strap is novel to a watch collector, the ability to customize and refresh these watches buy buying additional or new silicone straps adds a lot of intrigue in this price range. Regardless, there is something simple and child-like about the O’Clocks that make them very appealing, especially in all red.

Nixon Time Teller P $53
39.25mm, Quartz
As I mentioned, I own one of these and it’s great. It’s cheap, it’s durable and it’s really really red. Get one for yourself, and one for your Valentine.

Swatch Red Laquer $75
41mm, Quartz (ETA)
This is the first Swatch in a little while to peak our interest. The gent line is their generally slick and minimal line, that while elegant always sort of missed for me. Well, Swatch went and did something quite unique, and created a skeletonized (in manner of speaking) quartz movement, in which they have colored the individual components, hence “laquer”. The end result is something very different and interesting that shines a light on something that is usually avoided all together, a quartz movement.

G Shock Hypercolor GD100HC-4 $90
55mm, Quartz, Digital
This watch is nuts. It’s huge, it’s brightly colored and it is kind of great looking. Sure, this might be a bit too much watch for most people, but if you are going red subtlety is probably not what you are looking for.

Nooka Zub Zenh “Fire Engine Red” $99.95
38mm, Quartz, Digital
Nooka watches have been around for a little while now, and maybe are a bit played out, but I am still a fan of this particular style and anything in “fire engine red”. Plus, the alternate digital display makes it pretty unique.

Alessi Kaj by Karim Rashid 10
38mm, quartz
The Alessi Kaj is another fun and chunky silicone strapped watch, like the O’Clock. Designed by Karim Rashid and manufactured under the Alessi name, the Kaj is much slicker piece of product design that has a very eccentric look. This is a definite conversation starter.

*Tutima Grand Classic Chronograph w/ Power Reserve $$$$
43mm, Valjoux 7750 w/ power reserve
OK, I know this one is not like the others, but I couldn’t help it. This is one bad ass watch by the German brand, Tutima, that not only has a bright red face, awesome chronograph sub-dials, black PVD case and strap, and a coin-edge bezel…it has a modified Valjoux 7750 with a power reserve indicator. File this one under grail watches, and hope your Valentine is very, very generous.

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