Video: Hands-on with the Nomos Orion Midnight Edition for Timeless Luxury

Timeless Luxury of Texas has been making a name for themselves over the last couple of years with their brand collaborations. So far, we’ve seen two series of Nomos Clubs and a set of Damaskos, all tailored to Timeless’ requests, and all feature blue in some way. Today, we’re taking a look at another Nomos collaboration they did, which has actually been out for a little while, the Orion Midnight Edition.

The Midnight Edition is an Orion 38, no date, with a “modified” alpha in-house caliber, with a blue dial and either gold or silver appliqués and hands. It’s modified in the sense that they put their in-house escapement, the swing system, into it, which is typically in their movements with the DUW nomenclature. It’s really just a matter of branding, and in the end is still a full-fledged in-house Nomos movement.

The dial, however, is where things are quite unique. On both versions of the Midnight you’ll find a dark blue sunray surface. It’s a truly gorgeous color, and a different interpretation of blue from the Timeless Clubs. Sometimes, sunray dials can be a bit garish, but these are surprisingly tame. The blue is very deep, at times coming across almost like a bluish-grey, at others even looking black. The different color indexes then change the overall feel, giving you two interesting choices.

The gold version really took me by surprise. The warm, yellow metal pairs beautifully with the blue, adding a richness to the palette that has to be seen to be properly appreciated. As someone who typically shies away from gold, I was taken by how appealing it was overall. The silver version is also exceptionally attractive, but a bit more expected and conservative. Naturally, it’s a bit colder, but in being that way, feels a bit more modern and clean. Either would be welcome in the office place or even more formal engagements.



The case has the same 38 x 48 x 8.45mm design that we found on the Orion 38 Datum we reviewed some time ago, so I recommend reading that for a more detailed description, but in short, it’s remarkably attractive and unique. It features flowing lines and long lugs that give it a modern look and feel that is perfect for a dressier piece. Yet, despite its formal leanings, it’s such a comfortable and well fitting design that it’s hard not to wear as an everyday watch.

The 38mm version is particularly versatile and well suited for medium to large wrists. The all-dial design reads large, so it has more presence than one might expect. One thing to note–the watch is available with small, medium or large straps. On my 7”, the large strap was too long, and it wore loose on the smallest hole. So, go with medium unless you have a wrist 7.5” and above.

The Nomos Orion Midnight Edition for Timeless Luxury is a good addition to Timeless’ line of collaborations and is simply a great version of the Orion. It’s the only Orion with a blue dial, and while available exclusively through Timeless it feels like a watch that Nomos would have designed for themselves. It’s incredibly tasteful and easily one of the most appealing blue dialed watches I’ve come across. Pick one up while they last.

The Midnight is available in limited numbered quantities of 75 per color (gold or silver) and costs $2,750. Timeless Luxury Watches


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