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Video Interview: Mike France, CEO of Christopher Ward

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Christopher Ward is winding down an eventful 2020, with releases like the C60 Sapphire, the C65 Super Compressor, the C65 Chronograph, and the latest Worn & Wound Limited Edition, the C65 Sandstorm, being released today. Each brings a unique interpretation of the brand’s aesthetic, and points toward a promising 2021. To discuss these releases and more we sat down with Christopher Ward CEO, Mike France, who details just how they managed to keep such a pace during a year like this. 

The Christopher Ward x Worn & Wound C65 Sandstorm LE
The Striking C60 Sapphire
The C65 Chronograph
The C65 Super-Compressor

In celebration of our collaboration with Christopher Ward and the release of the Sandstorm, Zach and Mike discuss how the project evolved and how these incredible watches began to take shape leading to their release today. This was a true collaborative vision that we’re proud to have been a part of, and you can read more about the Sandstorm right here. Enjoy the video below!

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