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Video Interview: RT Custer of Vortic Watch Co.

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Vortic has expanded their production capabilities in 2020, with an impressive workshop dedicated to preserving and repurposing pocket watches of old. We sat down with Vortic Watch Co. CEO RT Custer to discuss the brand’s capabilities, their outreach to the Veteran Watchmaker Initiative, and get an inside look at their facilities in Colorado. The watches Vortic produce are unique, and each tells a story not just of the watch itself, but of their American built roots. 

Earlier this year, Vortic Watch Co. raised $50,000 for the Veteran Watchmaker Initiative, which seeks to provide veterans opportunity and training within the industry to help close the skilled wage gap. In our interview, RT discusses what that has meant to Vortic, along with some of the unexpected rewards of their hard work. Enjoy the full interview below and visit Vortic Watch Co. right here.

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