[VIDEO] On-Wrist Reaction: Automatic So Labs, A Formex GMT, & A Pleasant Surprise from Trafford

In this edition of On-Wrist Reaction, Thomas and Blake react to a few watches from three small independent brands that range from kinda new, to really new, and each brings a rather unique personality to the mix. We go from colorful new watches from Sō Labs to the heavy duty (yet pleasantly wearable) Formex Reef GMT. In the middle, we’ve got something new from a brand called Trafford that shows plenty of potential. You can read our subsequent introduction and review of these watches here, and here. Keep an eye out for more on the Trafford coming soon.


We’ve got a slight correction and additional information on the Sō Labs discussed in the video. Both the day and date wheels feature a hue shift throughout their circumference, so each will change with their respective gearing (not throughout the day). Still amazing, and after going hands-on with the watch it’s all the more impressive an idea. 

What’s your takeaway from this lot? Let us know in the comments and keep an eye out for more On-Wrist Reaction videos coming soon. If you’ve got a suggestion or would like to see us react to your watch or piece of EDC gear, shoot us an email at [email protected].

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