[VIDEO] On-Wrist Reaction: The BOLDR Venture Singularity, Chirping Vulcains, & A Surprising Isotope

In this edition of On-Wrist reaction, Blake and Zach take a look at a few interesting watches that span a diverse range of genres. We finally get our hands on a BOLDR Venture Singularity and peer into the black hole inspired dial, and finally get a listen to the new Vulcain Cricket in action. Additionally, we find something surprisingly appealing about a new Isotope Old Radium. There’s interesting details about each of these watches to discover and enjoy. Join us as we offer first impressions and reactions to these watches, and which we’d be most likely to add to our own watchbox.

There’s something oddly appealing about the range of watches in front of us today. They each offer a distinctive personality and charm, and while not perfect, I think they afford a pretty great deal of range. From a fully blacked out BOLDR, to a Vulcain that leans formal, and finally, some middle ground with a subtle two-tone Isotope. You could certainly make an argument for a compelling three watch collection here. 

Let us know what you think of these watches in the comments below or on YouTube, and if there’s any specific watches or gear you’d like to see us react to, we welcome suggestions at [email protected].

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