Watch Scrolling: Kat Shoulders Picks Five Instagram Accounts that are Worth a Follow

We hope that heading into Memorial Day weekend you’ve got plans to do things other than constantly scroll through Instagram, but let’s be real: for watch enthusiasts, a long weekend is just a few extra hours to climb down the collecting rabbit hole. To that end, Watch Scrolling is back, this time with a selection of Instagram accounts curated by Kat Shoulders, Worn & Wound’s Media Production Manager. If you need even more IG recommendations, be sure to check out previous installments of Watch Scrolling from Blake Buettner and Zach Kazan.

As always, we want to hear from you, so feel free to drop your favorite watch related IG accounts in the comments below – we’d love to see them.



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seconde/seconde/ (@secondeseconde) • Instagram photos and videos

I’ve always been fascinated with people who make art from already existing objects and that’s exactly what @secondeseconde has done with watches. A little funny, a little tongue in cheek, they are always sure to make you kind of smirk as you see his artwork scroll across your feed. There’s a certain physicalness he brings to Instagram that I really love, even when it’s simply a photo within a photo of a watch. Call it vandalism or call it art, you gotta give mad props to him for collaborating with some big brands like Moser, Vulcain, Nivada Grenchen, Louis Errard, Messena Lab, and more. I can’t wait to see what he does next!



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Erin (@pockettrinkets) • Instagram photos and videos

Erin’s account is perfect for those that are like me and not just into watches, but into other “trinkets” too. Such as cameras, knives, pens, and other tiny objects. Her feed is full of color and I love how she color coordinates her objects with the environmental things around her. I’ll admit sometimes I have to reach out and ask her what certain things are and then I find myself going down rabbit holes I didn’t know I needed. These days she loves rocking her Rolex Explorer but she has some other stellar (and colorful!) watches in her collection that I love seeing. A great account for those with tastes that range beyond watches and appreciate great photography. Oh, and keep an eye out for her cute as hell little Dachshund that pops up every now and then.



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Art Vandelay (@vandelayhouseofhorology) • Instagram photos and videos

Oftentimes when scrolling through Instagram, I find myself getting upset by news or something I’ve read and I’ll just shut the app down and go on to something else. Something that keeps my interest in the app these days is meme accounts. There are plenty to choose from in the watch community but one of my favorites is @vandelayhouseofhorology. They use stills from Seinfeld to create watch related memes that literally make me laugh out loud. Perhaps not for those who aren’t super into Seinfeld the way I am, but I find this account utterly hilarious and I hope they stick around a while.


I’ve been a friend and follower of Lydia’s since she first started getting into watches and took the plunge to create the inevitable watch only Instagram account. It’s been amazing to watch her grow (both in her watch collection and photography!). What’s unique about her account is that she always gives tips in the second slide on how she shot a particular watch. Something many newbies in photography can appreciate. Whether or not you’re into taking watch photos, you’ll be sure to love her page as it is full of some rad watches shot on some amazing backdrops in her current home of Sweden. I encourage you to follow her page if you want a colorful happiness in your feed and it doesn’t hurt that she’s one of the nicest people in the hobby. 



Raf’s account is full of gorgeous photography that I think most watch geeks can appreciate. But what I love so much about his account is the watches featured. His feed is full of obscure and random references I’ve never seen or heard of. It’s a great account to follow if you love discovering new and maybe slightly older watches you never knew existed. A mix between wrist shots and flatlays, the styling of the photos is always consistently clean which I really appreciate aesthetically. Head over and give him a follow, I’ve added quite a few of his watches to my Watchrecon list!

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