Watch Scrolling: Five Instagram Accounts to Follow for Crispy Watch Photography, Wide Ranging Curation and Niche Deep Dives

The Instagram watch community is an ever growing one. For watch enthusiasts, it has turned from a place where we shared our passion for the hobby by posting the standard wrist shot, to a platform filled with an endless amount of accounts dedicated to high level watch photography, intersections between different interests adjacent to watches and niche accounts that seemingly dive deep into any subject related to horology. It has also become a place where connections are made and friendships are fostered which often lead to a conversation that extends beyond the DMs into real life.

In the spirit of beautiful photography, an insatiable appetite to learn new things and meeting new people, Thomas Calara has chosen five Instagram accounts that embody that very essence. Great photography as well as a diverse curation are the standard. However, in addition to that, there’s also an array of great storytelling, portraits and historical nuggets sprinkled in. Check out the entire round-up below and the rest of our Watch Scrolling multi-part series here.

Header image via: @samsveblenianobsession



Sam’s taste in watches, as well as his photography skills are impeccable and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who knows more about the independent watch space than him. A quick scroll through his feed displays several heavy hitters and even though his collection is independent-focused, his choices for what remains in the watch box still somehow strays away from the usual. I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Sam at several SD Chrono events and it doesn’t take long to appreciate his knowledge and passion for high-level movement making and the extraordinary finishing and detail that comes along with it. His macro shots on his account such as his Lange 1815 Chronograph’s city-like movement or the insanely textured dial of his Moritz Grossman Tremblage only expand upon that. That said, more recently Sam has returned to some of the Rolex classics, which is a welcomed sight anytime his photos appear on my feed.


I’ve known Ignacio since our early days of dabbling with watch photography on Instagram. Come to find out, we had mutual interests in other things related to watches such as photography, diving and finding a way to work in watch journalism. Well, somehow we’ve made the latter happen and Ignacio himself is now the Managing Editor over at Fratello Watches. Ignacio’s photography is sharp as it is consistent since he constantly has a desk circulating with new watches daily. In addition to the different watches you’ll see through his lens, you’ll also catch a charming Omega Seamaster 2254, a unique Breitling Aerospace and the polarizing Citizen Aqualand, all of which reside in his collection.


Mark is another peer, dear friend and definitely the tallest guy in the watch journalism space. I’ve witnessed him take the crispiest watch photos in less ideal conditions and to this day, his still of the Vacheron Constantin Titanium Overseas Tourbillon Skeleton remains as my favorite. He’s the guy over at Hodinkee who’s been capturing the sights and scenes with his Photo Reports at events like the 2023 Geneva Spring Watch Auction and more recently, the iconic Mille Miglia. But his photo essays and his IG account in general are more than just watches – it’s about the people. With a background as an experienced photojournalist, Mark captures an event like no other with his own visual story-telling and his wrist shots that are often accompanied by portraits of those wearing them. Mark’s interests stretch beyond watches too and he’s no stranger to chopping it up about vintage military wear and the adventurous spirit of a seaplane.


I love history and I love watches. So when you combine the two, you immediately have my attention. Justin aka @the_wristorian knows his way around the historical significance of military watches, dive watches or anything that has to do with people partaking in high-stakes activities and wearing a wrist watch in the process. His page is filled with old world photos of badass individuals and are accompanied by informative captions that are just as valuable. Be ready to learn a little history and to do a bit of detective work if a watch in the photo can’t be deciphered. My personal favorite is a post about an Airborne Ranger wearing two watches on one wrist during a gigantic Naval exercise (pictured above) which encapsulates what his page is all about.



No one does the lifestyle wrist shot better than @m.adcock81. There’s no mistaking his style and the type of watches you’ll see in his feed – strictly black dial, no-fuss, tool watches aside from the venerable Polar Explorer II. He kills any type of watch photography, whether that be a pocket shot, a traditional wrist shot or the lifestyle shot often paired with earthy-toned outwear, particularly vintage Barbours. You’ll most certainly get an “explorer vibe” just looking at his photos and it is the go-to page if you want to see how a watch looks on wrist when it’s out and about.

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