Watches, Stories, & Gear: A Ground Breaking Electric RV by Lightship, Potential Alien Technology Found in Meteorites, & Napoleon Bonaparte’s Particular Preference in Timepieces

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Header Image Via: Lightship

The Future Is Now For The Electric RV

Via Lightship

With the electric vehicle becoming more of a normal sight on the roads, it’s only a matter of time that the technology would make its way into other automotive-adjacent industries. Meet the L1 Trailer, a new electric RV that has all the makings of a well-designed and highly-capable transport cabin.

Via Lightship

The Lightship L1 Trailer has two very different profiles when each of its respective modes are activated. During “drive” mode, the entire trailer has a low stance, sitting just 82 inches off of the ground and well below any towing vehicle to reduce drag. In “camp” mode however, the cabin extends from its base and gives way to a spacious interior filled with panoramic bay windows.

Via Lightship

Another neat feature is the active drive train motor which allows the L1 to offset any amount of energy, whether that be mile range or mpg, while in tow. The L1 has an integrated solar roof which is able to keep the rig fully powered for 7 days and stores up to 80 kWh. The L1 also doubles up as an EV charger or a backup home generator.

Via Lightship

The Lightship L1 Trailer isn’t cheap by any means with a starting price of $125,000. But being that this is something entirely new and unique to everything else that’s on the market, we understand the premium. For more information on the Lightship L1 Trailer and how to pre order yours today, head on over to Lightship’s website, here.

Aston Martin Celebrates 110 Years With The Limited Edition Valour

Via Aston Martin

Aston Martin is celebrating 110 years of British excellence with an intriguing limited edition that, for the automotive manufacturer, breaks the mold with its muscular contour and vintage inspiration. It’s green. It’s mean, and certainly not lean. It’s the Aston Martin Valour.

Via Aston Martin

The Aston Martin Valour is a far departure from their CC100 which rang in 100 years for the brand. The limited edition flexes with its wide body build, twin duct bonnet and shapely rear that all gets complimented by an exterior made entirely out of carbon fiber. There are shades of the iconic Vantage here with its squarish silhouette and some power to go along with it. The Valour comes equipped with a twin-turbo V12 engine capable of producing 705-hp and the best part, it’s a manual. The Aston Martin Valour is limited to 110 vehicles which have already sold out, but the photos alone are worth the trip here.

Alien Tech Found In Meteorites?

In a recent study of a meteor crash site in the waters off of Papua New Guinea, researchers believe that they have potentially discovered some form of alien technology from the recovered materials. The ongoing material analysis is led by Harvard professor Avi Loeb whose team found several “perfect spheres” smaller than a millimeter. According to their findings the metal composition ranged from iron and silicon to magnesium and titanium.

So what makes these metallic marbles, alien? Well for starters, according to Loeb, their new discovery has material strength stronger than any space rock his team has seen before. In addition to that, speed calculations show that it’s “faster than 95% of all the stars in the vicinity of the sun”. It seems that there’s more to the story here with the query that has yet to be answered, is it natural or artificially made? Check out the entire story here.

The Rise Of Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte’s origins and swift, ruthless climb to become the Emperor of the French is well-documented in a handful of literature. But to our knowledge, there hasn’t been a captivating depiction on screen that has made it worthy of a Friday movie night, until now. This week, Sony and Apple Studios released their first trailer of Napoleon, a historical drama that portrays the leader’s rise to power and his relationship with Empress Joséphine.

There really isn’t any actor out there that could play the role better than, perfect-bad-guy, Jaoquin Phoenix. His role as Julius Cesar in Gladiator and his character’s inevitable evolution into iconic villain in the Joker should be enough to qualify him to play one of the most notorious leaders of the 19th century. Phoenix is joined by Vanessa Kirby who plays Empress Joséphine. Napoleon is slated to be released in November by Sony Pictures and then for streaming on Apple TV+ at a later date.


Napoleon Was A Breguet Guy

Via Alethea Magazine

It also turns out that Napoleon had a particular taste in timekeeping too. As we all know, timing is everything on and off the battlefield and for Napoleon, he depended on a few pieces made by none other than Abraham-Louis Breguet. More specifically, he used a Breguet pocket watch during the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. To our knowledge, there is only one known piece that has survived past his reign and it’s a Breguet quarter repeater travel clock. Check out the interesting connection between the two and more information about this gilt bronze Breguet here.

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