Watches, Stories, & Gear: The Eccentrica Lamborghini Diablo is Exactly what Dreams Are Made Of, a Surprising Release by Montblanc, & a Long Lost World War II Special Ops Submarine Discovered

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Header Image Via: Eccentrica

Eccentrica’s Modern Take On The Lamborghini Diablo Is Slated To Make Its Debut Next Weekend At Goodwood Festival Of Speed

Via Eccentrica

In a week’s time, the Goodwood estate will host their annual Goodwood Festival of Speed where motor racing cars of all varieties will be whipping their way through the historic uphill circuit. Although the actual racing is the main attraction of the event, there’s an extraordinary Lamborghini planning to attend that will have something to say about that. It’s Eccentrica’s newly revealed Lamborghini Diablo Restomod that plans to make its first appearance. The modernized Diablo is strikingly cool and outfitted with all the modern fixings that take an already iconic vehicle up a notch or two.

Via Eccentrica

Like many of us who grew up in the 90’s, the Lamborghini Diablo was the dream car for Super Trofeo Lamborghini amateur driver and Eccentrica founder, Emanuel Colombini. Under his creative guidance and personal mission to bring the imperfectly perfect Diablo into the “now”, the Eccentrica Diablo is a dream that has become reality for those who’ve admired the car since they were tots.

Via Eccentrica

The GTR-inspired Eccentrica Diablo is smoother, cleaner and lighter in every aspect of design and functionality. Design updates to the front grille improve the vehicle’s airflow and a combination of exotic materials including carbon fiber and 3D printed titanium substitute the more cumbersome components that makeup the original. “Pop Down” lights make the front-end distinguishable and its wide hips that flare out at the rear make the Eccentrica Diablo equal parts attractive and aggressive.

Via Eccentrica

The interior retains several components to keep the Diablo’s spirit, but leather accents and an all-digital display adds a modern flair and will make anyone driving this car want to push the digital speedometer into the triple digits. Located traditionally at the center-rear is the original 5.7-liter V12 with updated components that up the horsepower to 542 and torque to 442 lb-ft. Even though the Eccentrica Diablo has been around for a couple of days, the car is already made up of the stuff that gets it cemented as a Hotwheels toy or a LEGO model. If you happen to be attending Goodwood Festival of Speed next weekend, make sure to check out the Eccentrica Diablo and tell the Duke of Richmond we said hello.

Yet Another 2024 Land Cruiser Teaser

Via Toyota

It’s been two long years since we’ve seen the Toyota Land Cruiser grace the asphalt and dirt roads here in North America. However recently, there has been ongoing rumblings and rumors that the Land Cruiser will make its glorious return in 2024 and we couldn’t be any more excited about it. The latest teaser from Toyota is an image of two truck silhouettes, one obviously being an FJ-Series Land Cruiser and the other which seems to be the outline of the 2024 Land Cruiser. Based on the image, the folks over at Road & Track have reasons to believe that the truck leans more in the direction of the Lexus GX rather than the beloved aesthetic of a vintage Land Cruiser. We’re not mad about that either considering the new-look Lexus GX is easy on the eyes and hopefully the Toyota version will be easier on our wallets as well.

The Ringer Takes A Peak Behind Kitchen Doors 

Via The Ringer

Changing gears here, we’re going to look at an article written by The Ringer that covers what is arguably the best T.V. show that’s airing right now – The Bear. Written by Danny Chau, the article specifically looks at the seventh episode of season two, where the majority of the show takes place in a real-life two-Michelin-star restaurant called, Ever. In this long read, we get to have a glimpse at what it’s like to be behind those kitchen doors. The parallels between the fictional Ever and the actual Ever are glaringly similar with the foundation being; running, let alone starting a restaurant is really, really hard. Head on over to The Ringer to read their breakdown of The Bear’s “Forks”, here.

Montblanc’s New Release Is Not What We Expected

Via Montblanc

Typically when we get a new release from Montblanc, it’s expected that we’re getting a finely made writing instrument or a mechanical watch. But this new product from the Hamburg, Germany based brand is neither of the two. Let us introduce you to the Montblanc MTB-03, a set of wireless in-ear headphones designed with the same attention to detail and high quality as the rest of their offered products.

Via Montblanc

Being that Montblanc is totally new to the wireless audio space, it’s only right they tapped the best to create a pair of headphones that emit the highest quality sound possible, and that person is world-renowned audio engineer, Axel Grell. The MTB-03 comes equipped with active noise cancellation technology with different modes to choose from and audio customization via the Montblanc Sound app. Function wise, these headphones work like a pair of AirPods with touch control, multi-point bluetooth technology, and an ergonomic build for superior comfort. The Montblanc MTB-03 retails for $395 and is currently available directly through Montblanc.


Diver Discovers Long Lost HMS Triumph Submarine 

Via ExplorersWeb

The British Special Ops submarine dubbed the HMS Triumph was a covert force to be reckoned with until it mysteriously disappeared in 1942. It wasn’t until this past week that a set of eyes were laid on the wreckage at the bottom of the Aegean Sea by Kostas Thoctarides. Thoctarides is the founder and owner of Planet Blue, an ROV services company that specializes in underwater research projects, which makes him fully equipped to search for such a vessel as the HMS Triumph. The HMS Triumph was found sitting at a depth of 203 meters which makes this an impressive find and the fact that there are several geopolitical and historical implications that are connected with this famed submarine makes the discovery all the more meaningful. ExplorersWeb has the entire scoop, here.

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